Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ohh...cute baby Tori

Well, I am slightly offended that no one has commented on Tori's adorableness in the last blog. I purposely left if up for a while so I would get it because I don't leave enough comments on your blogs? I promise I will do better...I will stop blog stalking and make comments on your posts for family...we need to hook you up with blog accounts so you can comment!

Well, on to cute baby Tori...for one I need to stop calling her a baby...she looks like a little girl. Anyway, I had to talk about this picture because this is what Tori does when we say "Ohhh...cute baby Tori" She puts her head down on anything that is near her (the couch, the lovesac, your shoulder or knee) or tilts her head and sometimes actually says "ahhh" too! It is adorable. We have yet to capture the cuteness on video...she has a deep fascination with the camera!

She is totally into Cheerios and yogurt right now. She loves to try food that we are eating (rice, green beans, etc.). We even let her try a Red Robin fry yesterday. She was all over that! She also pretends to be on the phone. If she has her plastic cell phone near she puts it up to her ear and starts to mumble. If there is not a phone near she will hold anything up to her ear (her baby doll, a ball, her food), caulk her head and begin to babble! It is hilarious!
I know it takes a minute to comment, but I look 4 or 5 times a day to see if anyone has...I know, I know..I don't have a life, but I love to hear from you!


Lora said...

Yep....I am a blog stalker. And lazy--we know this. I look at blogs without leaving a comment. It's horrible, I know. I look at all of your pictures, countless times, and Tori only get cuter. Why are you giving Tori fries?--do you not know that our genetic make up has a "my gallbladder sucks" gene and it will eventually have to be taken out? Oh, wait I give fries to Liv. Dang it. I better stop that! Anyways. Tori will always be a baby to me. Tell her not to grow up so fast....I need more baby time with her. That little "cute baby" look she has going for her is going to get her whatever she wants in life, especially from Jason. I miss you guys so much. Eventually you will live right next door to me. Until then, Southwest is going to get a lot of business from us! Love you tons!!!

Lora said...

Oh, and Autnie Marie--bravo on that cute little pink dress Tori is wearing. I love it!

Joy said...

This is from "GiGi" Dinger, not Auntie Joy. There isn't room for all the responses that go thru my head when I "stalk" the blogs. What a CUTIE-PATOOTIE our little Tori is!! I love seeing her grow (although I have mixed emotions about that, since, before you know it your "baby" will be 27 and graduating with a Masters Degree). I have pictures of Tori hung up everywhere you look in the house, because every time I see them it makes me smile (sometimes giggle).
P.S. Tell Torie to call me sometime.

Kyle and Lesley said...

love that first shot. And did you know you can adjust your 'comment' settings so that you'll be emailed as soon as someone comments? It took me a while to figure that one out, but it sure makes my day when I get a comment emailed to me- especially since no one emails me. :)

Tober Family said...

She is adorable! I know your frustration, it's happened to me plenty of times.

The Lindahl's said...

Remember us?? I love comments too, so I'm coming out of the blog stalking world. I found your blog through Kristin's. Little Tori is so cute and getting so big!! Are you guys still living in Orem and in the old ward? We miss Utah a lot but are loving CA. We miss you guys, looks like everything is going well! Keep in touch!