Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tori's New Firsts and Favorites

First of all...I found Tori in her room on Thursday last week hanging loose in her crib! She totally pulled herself up. It was hilarious! I was in the living room with Alivia when I heard Tori talking to herself...she never does that when she naps. Well...she continued to babble and I decided to go take a peek...and I found her hanging on to the side of her crib. She pulled herself up! She was blabbing because she couldn't get down! Ha! That instant I decided to lower the crib...all by myself. Needless to say after a 1/2 hour Tori was back in her crib for a nap. YIKES!!! Good thing she decided to climb up the side and not the front!

Hey mom! Look at me! I did it!

Ummm (nervous smile) can you help me get down.
Well...the funny thing is that Tori still hadn't started to crawl yet. She mastered the sitting up from her laying down position and crawl scooting and rolling all over the house, but she would get in crawling position and fall...well...Friday she started crawling too! Yikes!
This is her dress that she wore on Sunday...except I think that she is too tall for it, and she will now wear it as a shirt! She is in her crawling position because she crawled to me to get them camera. She loves the camera!

She was trying to get up on the Luv Sac!
Well...I am excited that she is crawling but nervous because she is mobile. She isn't quite a pro (she moves about 5-10 paces and then stops), but she still get this "I am on a mission to get what you don't want me to have look" in her eye and then goes! It's amazing!
Do you see what I mean? What determination!

Well...some more firsts...she can drink out of a straw. She did this yesterday at Winger's. She ate some Kix and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (which she really stole from Liv) and loved it! (Sorry no pictures of that)

: Squash, bananas, green beans, kix, rice puffs and cinnamon toast crunch

Drinks: Juice of course! I think grape is her favorite!

Toys: Her baby, Raggedy Ann, books, stuffed animals and her new (but really used) front door thing...

She loves to crawl through and play with Liv.


She's after Raggedy Ann!

Pastimes: Playing with Liv, crawling, reading, pulling up on things, standing, playing with Cami, playing with toys, listening to music and dancing (which is really is quite cute!), flying with Daddy (which is Jason holding her up in the air and she flaps her hands and flies), "walking" (which is holding on to my hands and walking around the house) and watching Sesame Street (well...kind of...she will watch maybe 3 minutes of the hour...I like the background noise and she loves the music).

I am raising a reader!
She loves the books that are touch and feel and that make noise.
Standing with Cami Cams
Walking from the couch to the Luv Sac
Pulling up (but not quite all the way) on the makes me nervous that she is going to bonk her head!
Watching Sesame Street
and a picture of Liv...I did her hair (I'm practicing for the day that Tori has enough hair)...she is so cute!


Lora said...

Oh.....Tori looks so cute! I can't believe how much older she looks. I love how she bites/sucks in her lower lip. She is the cutest baby out there! I LOVE HER, and I miss her tons.

Alicia said...

Oh what a fun age when they are active!! She is so cute, and I bet so much fun to just watch. I remember when Logan was little he just entertained me all day, I didn't have to watch TV or listen to music. You are so sweet to watch Alivia, and I"m sure she's great to have around because she's such a sweet little girl. I can't believe how much she's changed since I saw her last! Love the picture of her standing in the crib, isn't it crazy how they just surprise you one day, and don't worry about the bonking her head it's going to happen no matter what you do. They go through clumsy stages where it happens more often too.

Jessica said...

Holy moly. Look at her go! I dread the day Jack starts crawling...ha ha. It will be good but life will be over...chasing him everywhere! ha ha. She looks so cute. I love that dress too!!!