Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Max and Me

The Dunns (our bestest friends) got the cutest new puppy. His name is Max. This is Tori's 3rd encounter with Max, but she is still a little wary. She was much braver this time...he likes to lick her face and play with her like she is a dog toy...

but they are trying to be friends...isn't this pic tender? (Can you see the concern in her eyes? "Guys...don't leave me alone with this thing!")

This is the face off...of course Cami doesn't like Max...big surprise...she doesn't really like anyone...she can stand the Dunns...and of course deep down she loves us!

Max was so small about 3 weeks ago, but he keeps on eating and growing! I think he is officially as big as Tori! Ha ha ha! the Dunn's baby is growing so fast...I mean he already can walk, has a lot of teeth and is huge! (I think he is 10 weeks old compared to Tori's 10 months!)
She was getting brave and wanted to play with his paws.
Tori is eating the letter "G" in this picture. Max curled up right beside her to take a little nap.
I had to get a close up of sleeping Max! SO CUTE!!!!

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Mo said...

What a cute baby! And puppy. Reminds me of when we watched that puppy at our house in Provo. Remember her? Man, what a disaster that was.