Monday, February 9, 2009

The Oakland Zoo!

We went to sunny California at the end of January and I got to stay until Saturday! I was in heaven! A whole entire week and a half with my sister! It was so sunny and beautiful! I was packing our clothes for the trip and had to repack clothes for the sun because the first week it was mostly in the high fifties and sixties! Well, we decided to let Oscar play hookie from school and we went to the Oakland Zoo. Lora has a pass and so we took advantage of the sun and take Tori to the zoo for the first time! The zoo was great! They had a fabulous selection of animals too! Here are a few that we saw.

Flamingos Giraffes
Tori and me in front of the giraffes and this is a wart hog!
Beautiful Macaws
We even saw giant tortoises! Here is Jason riding on the back of a giant tortoise shell. Yee Haw!
Tori was smiling the whole time. She loved the walk and the sun!
They have a cool section in the park where there are things that kids can climb on. We found this very rare Livy spider on this rope web.
Oscar climbed a giant red frog!
....and so did Livy
Here's Liv in the shell peeking through.
I love this pic!
Tori wished that she was big like Oscar so she could go on the rides too! Oscar loves the rides at the zoo! Here he is riding on the planes!
Tori and I didn't ride the Ferris Wheel, but Lora, Livy, Jason and Oscar did. Lora played it safe with a bench and Oscar rode on a zebra.
hold on tight!
Here's a pretty good pic of the fam. (Do you see that we are wearing short sleeve shirts?!)
Well, we had a ton of fun! We didn't even see all the animals due to hungry and tired kiddos! Can't wait to go again.

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Jessica said...

Oh man, I'm jealous! I want to be in nice, sunny, weather!! Glad you had a great time.