Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tori Bori's Stats-9 months (well, really 9 1/2 months)

This picture was taken while she was watching her cousins boogie to some music in California. Look at her big smile. I think she misses Oscar and Liv. Here are two pictures of what she was watching! Hilarious! Liv is a real dancer! She moves all over and Oscar plays the guitar like a true rock hero! (Gotta love the tighty whiteys!)

We went to the doctors today and Tori received a glowing review! She is 17 pounds 10 ounces (25th percentile) and 27 1/2" tall (50th percentile). She is staying on her curve. She is babbling like a maniac these days, drooling about as much (maybe some teeth?) and she recently began the hand and knee boogie (when babies get in the crawling position and bounce, but still no crawling...she prefers the backward scoot and the is amazing how fast she can move!). But my favorite new thing she does is wave. She waves when we say hi and when she sees people that she knows. At first it was just waving her hand, but now she moves her fingers up and down too! So cute! She recently began picking up her own food and munching it too. She loves the little stars (hearts if I am going the Wal-mart brand) rice puffs. She is still sampling various different fruits, but she has tried every vegetable, chicken and ham. She still has not tried beef or turkey. I forgot to ask the doctor when she starts dairy (cheese and yogurt) oops...she has plenty to eat so I am not worried!

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Lora said...

Yikes.....what kind of a mother would let their child run around in their underwear all scandalous. And, did the mother even think to pick up a brush to comb that little girl's unruly hair--I don't think there is much hope there though, I heard that she is a stinker about having her hair combed. The mother must have been on her death bed to let that all slide by. HA!!!! I love my crazy kids!!! And I miss my baby Tori. I miss having a calm child in the house. Why is life so unfair??? ;) Love you.