Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jason got a job!!!! (I am a bit OVERWHELMED)

So if you haven't heard yet...Jason and I are moving to Meridian (Boise), Idaho.
Sunday night we left for Jason's one and only interview after three months of looking for a job. He had already had a phone interview and everything seemed positive. This is Jason's dream job (a privately and locally owned hospice). Well, he will be working at Harrison's Hope Hospice in Meridian, ID. He accepted their offer and will start the 11th of May. We are excited but there is an awful lot to do until selling our condo (anybody looking for a better place to live for about the price of what you are paying to rent!? Come check out our place!), Jason finishing his internship, painting the condo, fixing up the condo, Jason's graduation, and Jason taking the Social Work licensing test! YIKES! Not counting the fact that we have to move!!! Well, we know that this job is an answer to a lot of prayers, ours and our families and our friends, but it will be hard to leave! I am excited to explore a new place and meet new people! I know this will all work out!

The man of the hour...we took these March 21st at the Hobblecreek Canyon Park. I know...why didn't I blog these earlier? I was too busy!!!

Look at that determination! Tori stayed on the picnic blanket for most of the time and then got daring!

We had a picnic with the Dunns! We sure are going to miss them!
Ahhh...the family!
Ahhh...what a cute pictures of the Dunn(yes...that is the same black dog you have been seeing in other blogs. He just seems huge (Max grows exponentially every time we see him!)


Kyle and Lesley said...

Wow! Congratulations... how exciting for you!

NapoleansDeb said...

Congrats! Be sure to call us if you want any info on Meridian.
-Tara Smith

jocie said...

congrats on the great news. it is a tough job market out there so way to go!

Laura said...

That is a lot to take in! Congrats though, that's awesome!!! I like Boise! I feel your pain though's a busy time for sure!! Please tell Jason congrat's for me!

Sawyers Family said...

I am so excited and Jealous at the same time! congrats Jason! What a blessing to get a job with the way the economy is right now. Just goes to show that with the Lord anything is possible!
As for Jealousy, I WISH and HOPE that Kevin finds a job BEFORE he graduates!!

Mari said...

Oh that's so exciting!! The next month is going to go by so fast for you, good luck getting everything done! This will be a fun new life.

Alicia said...

Congrats, and what an exciting new adventure. I'm sure you'll love Idaho. I hope your able to get your house sold, good luck, and if I hear of anyone I'll send them your direction.

Corri said...

Congrats on your job and good luck with the move!

Nick said...

Hey Jason and Kendra and Tori! Congratulations on landing your job AND on graduating. You will be awesome. If you need any help moving let me know. Take care