Friday, April 17, 2009

I LOVE Oregon!

The Dunns, Auntie Marie and our little family met up with my parents in Oregon for Easter weekend! It was fabulous!
Ahhh...the beautiful gorge! Tori wasn't so excited that we kept waking her up to get her out of the car! I love this picture though! Ha ha ha!
Tori was all over Grandpa...they were buds the whole trip. This is us at Crown Point. Look at Multnomah falls! It was so gorgeous with all of the run off! Tender family picture too!
Ahhh...the rose gardens..or should i say just grass gardens with empty rose bushes? Too much cloud cover to see Mt. Hood.
Tori's first Ice-cream had to be Tillamook. She had a chocolate kiddie cone!
She loved it!
I love the puffy cheeks on this one!
Rockaway! Tori's first beach appearance...well, the sugar crash and a nice nap in the car...she was out!
But woke up near the end for a good family pic.
Ahhh...and with the Dunns too!
Off to Cannon Beach. Adam has a really cool kite that we flew at both is a picture of Adam flying it with Goonie Rock (Haystack Rock) in the background! Boy was it windy! Tori is wearing a shirt, a sweater and a hoodie!
A tender picture with Daddy! We loved visiting all of the sights! I am so glad that we are moving closer and can go there more often!


Lora said...

I almost cried when I saw this post! Don't you know how fragile I am??? I miss you way too much. I miss Oregon. I miss Tillamook, and Rockaway Beach, and all of the other amazing things that we grew up around. I am glad that you guys had such a great time. You need to frame that picture of you guys in front of Multnomah Falls it is a good one. I am so sad that I missed this trip. Love you. Tori is too cute!

Kyle and Lesley said...

Gorgeous pictures... I have never been to the Oregon coast, but my sister's hubby is from Oregon and they go every year. After seeing these pics I'm REALLY jealous.

Mari said...

What a fun vacation! You were so close to us and I think Tyson and I have been almost every place you went, lol. Tillamook was a great choice for Tori's first ice cream cone. So delicious...