Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter, a faux birthday and other randomness

Jason and I decided that we are going to have a tradition to have the Easter basket part of Easter the Saturday before Easter Sunday...that way we can focus on the real meaning of Easter on Sunday. Anyway, Saturday night Tori got her first Easter basket. No candy just stuffed animals and Gerber Rice puffs!
Later that night we celebrated Tori's birthday with a little cupcake. Her birthday really isn't until April 24th but my parents can't make it to the party, so we celebrated while we were in Oregon! This is tori after a few minutes of mild confusion as to what was sitting on her high chair tray and if it was actually edible! Ha ha ha!

Tori is watching Elmo with Grandpa...I am not sure who enjoyed it more! I guess it is more entertaining than Raffi!

Tori is enjoying her Easter rice puffs with Grandma...oh and don't worry we had to see her take on the chocolate Easter bunny...of course it was ears first! She loved that!
Here she is in her Easter dress. Grandma got it for her...It is a size too big, but she will grow into it! The shoes fit great except they didn't have the grips...they are made for 3-6 month olds! The grips don't come until size 4 (these are size 2s!)
Here we are back home where Tori has discovered how to open all the drawers in the house. We are moving so we don't want to put the baby locks on the drawers. She has fun though playing with all the pot holders!She is not quite tall enough to see what is in drawer #3. Or she would have a hay day with all of those utensils!
Last but not least in the randomness of snowed on Wednesday and Thursday morning! Weird huh? Gotta love April snow!


Jessica said...

I am SO jealous you got to go home!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time. all these pictures are awesome!!

Lora said...

Ummmm...Really??? You think Elmo is more entertaining than Raffi? Are you forgetting your roots Kendra? Where is your loyalty? I must admit that their are some similarities between the two, they are obnoxious, and both are very hairy. I think that children are attracted to furry entertainers--although, Elmo has an excuse to be hairy--he is a monster and a puppet, and raffi--well, he is just a very, very unfortunately hairy man. I love that dad is watching it with her. You know he is thoroughly enjoying it!

How much of that chocolate bunny did Tori take on before she either grew disinterested in it or you started worrying about her blood/sugar levels? :-)

She looks so cute in her Easter dress!

Laura said...

Beautiful little girl!

byuredhead4 said...

oh my she walking?! she's so beautiful.

Sami said...

Your blog is so cute. She is getting so big.

Erica said...

I keep meaning to comment here and then forgetting! I'm so lazy! I love the new pictures of Tori - the easter dress is beautiful! I can't believe how big she's getting!