Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birthday Girl...Tori's 1st birthday!

Tori was such a trooper on her Birthday...after Daddy's long graduation and a little bit of fun on BYU grass...

we got our Birthday girl to give us a huge grin!

She used all the rest of her energy crawling in the grass and was lulled to sleep in the car. After a long nap through Brick Oven lunch...Tori was ready to party! Her birthday party was held at the Dunn's house. Our whole family, the Dunns, the Braithwaites, the Lindsays and Rachie came to the festivities. It was fun to have Maggie (Lindsay) and Jacob (Braithwaite) there to help Tori try out her new toys!

Tori liked all of her cards and I think that she received every single 1st birthday card made by Sesame Street! Not one was a duplicate. She thought the cards were little books! Here she is modeling the new chair she got from Auntie Marie! It was a hit! All of the kids were fans!

Tori also loved the big bird and Abby Cadabby toys from Auntie Lora and family.

Her cake was adorable and delicious (we got it at Target!). I thought that I would take a picture before the destruction....

but Tori was too tired (as you can tell by the saggy eyes) to do too much damage.

She mostly just licked the icing and stuck her hand in to get the toys off. Although it was only 7:30 pm...she was wasted and after a quick clean and some pjs, she was off for some much needed sleep.

The next day she was bright and cheery! Ha ha ha! Here she is hanging out with her cousin Lance. We did have to explain to her that you cannot have a crush on your cousin. But she sure did love him! (She is enjoying one of her first bottles of whole milk! No more powdered gold!) Doesn't she look cute in a Krispy Kreme hat!? All in all we had a fabulous weekend!
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Jessica said...

Congratulations to Jason! That's an awesome accomplishment. I can't believe that Tori is ONE. Where has the time gone???? She looks adorable and you guys look great!!!

Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

How fast time flies!

jocie said...

happy birthday and happy graduation! what a doubly-blessed day!