Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random stuff...

I know that I haven't blogged for a while...these have been some busy days! Wow! Our house is officially on the market and, I must say, it looks amazing!
So on to the randomness of this blog. Here are some pictures that I have been holding out on! Ha ha!

This is cutie Tori in one of her Easter dresses! This was actually Livy's. It's darling and she is wearing some random onesie that I found that matched in her stash underneath it says...Mommy's little angel or something corny like that....but it looks adorable under the dress. Sorry the pictures are blurry...oh and those are the shoes from Auntie Joy (they fit 6-12 month olds and they finally fit...well cinched really well!)Jason is blowing away in the wind to Meridian...(can you believe that that was only last week! My whole world has been upside down since!) The wind was blowing so hard that it was blowing our car!
While my house was being painted last week I went up to Layton to hang out with one of my dear friends Cassidy. She has the cutest little munchkins...This is Jake, her oldest and the little guy below is Cole. (He is one of Tori's first dates for sure!)
It was beyond difficult to get them to smile on cue! I think Cass got one! Ha ha ha!
Cole has 10 teeth to Tori's 1 1/2 and I think that he is 14 months old! was fun to see Cass and her place! Oh and the last picture is Tori crawling around...I just wanted you to see that she was wearing a skirt with leg warmers! ADORABLE!!


Lora said...

Tori looks so cute in little Liv's Easter Dress. Actually, I think the pastel colors look way better on her than they ever did on Liv girl. Are those some leg warmers that she is rockin' over at Cassidy's, I know that you have been looking for some. So stylin' that Tori. All Livy wants to where are PJ's! LOL.

PS. Cassidy....your children are ADORABLE.

Kyle and Lesley said...

You are WONDERWOMAN! How in the world did you get your house ready to put on the market in less than a week? Wow. Just wow.