Sunday, April 26, 2009


Jason graduated from BYU on Friday. He officially (well...kinda...he doesn't really get his degree for another 4-6 weeks) is a Master of Social Work. He would now like all of his friends and family to call him Master Dinger. Ha ha ha! After 3 hours of grueling ceremonies and about 100 pictures, we celebrated at Brick Oven! Yum! We were excited to have most of Jason's family at the blessed day. It was awesome to have them all there.

Yeah! He did it! He was actually in the first 5 minutes of names called...believe it or not there was two more hours of names after his! We should have skipped out! But Jason did get to shake Elder Christofferson's hand (he was there giving degrees to some of his family members) and Elder Rasband of the presidency of the 70.

Tori was actually pretty good considering she only had a half an hour nap! This is a cute shot of Tori with Gigi and Grandpa sitting in the stands (We were there from 10am to 2!)

Although Tori isn't looking this is a cute family pic!

Here we all are! Dennis, Gwen, Michelle, me, Jason, Tori, Lance and Marie.

Proud parents and wife!

Ahhh....a tender shot with Marie!

Jason with Michelle and our nephew, Lance.

The girls.

Tori loved playing with the bell on Gigi's walker! But that wasn't the end of the festivities! It was actually Tori's 1st birthday on graduation day!


Kyle and Lesley said...

Congratulations Master Dinger! Hopefully it will work for you, Kyle and I tried to get everyone to call us 'Master' after graduated with our master's degrees, but it didn't stick.

What a pity.

Wray Family said...

Congrats!!! That is awesome... good luck in Idaho, you will have so much fun!