Monday, May 11, 2009

Catching Up!

Well...if you don't know, Jason has already left for Meridian (as of May 3rd). He is staying with the most amazing family (thanks for hooking us up Jones' family!) and he is excited about his new job. He hates being away from the family (we miss him a lot, but I don't think Tori really gets that he is gone yet). Anyway, we decided to meet at his parents this weekend (and save him and hour or so of driving) to celebrate Mother's day. I got a Willowtree angel (I collect them) and I will get another baby bag as soon as I can find one that I like. Anyway, we had a fabulous weekend! Here are some pictures from May!

I am actually not sure when I took these pictures...I think that it was on Sunday the 3rd.Isn't she soooo cute!

These are my favorite pajamas. I just had to show you her cute smile and then her cheesie smile. I love the cheesie one because you can see her teeth!

On Friday, Grandpa and Grandma Dinger took us to Antelope Island (it is about 10 minutes from their house) and we saw Buffalo and Antelope! I also saw a wild rabbit and a bald eagle (all not pictured here!)

It's an antelope! This is my third time on the Island and my first time seeing Antelope!
Tori in her car seat enjoying the ice cream stick (don't worry she had some of the ice cream too!)
Tori is eating her first sucker. She sucked for a little bit, but wasn't really all that interested. I don't like sugar candy myself, so maybe she just didn't like it! Oh and look closely at her pigtails! Gigi curled them with Auntie Marie's old baby curlers!
Tori waiting for a table at Jeremiah's (a really good restaurant). I loved the little chair!

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