Monday, May 25, 2009

OreIda or IdaOre?

The weekend of May 15th Tori and I ventured up to Idaho with Jason's parents Gwen and Dennis. It was so fun! Along the way we stopped at Shoshone Falls. It was really beautiful!

We stayed in a beautiful house next to the golf course in Meridian for a way cheaper price than two hotel rooms and we had a full kitchen to make food in so we saved a lot of money!
On Sunday we took a drive up towards McCall, Id. These are pictures of the view! We had fun with Jason, but it was really sad to leave him again.
Dennis and Gwen thought it would be fun to surprise my parents and go to Oregon! I was so excited! So Monday we left Jason and drove to Beaverton.
We left Tori on the doorstep and I called my Mom and told her that there should be a package on her doorstep and that she needed to go look. She went to the door and found Tori. Of course she was really surprised and said "Ohhhh! Leelan, come here quick!" They were so excited to see us!
My Dad went to work for a little bit the next day and then we all went up to Pittock Mansion and took the tour! I recommend it! It was awesome! The gardens were amazing...such beautiful colors. Who wouldn't want to live in in a house like this with this view from their bedrooms?
Then we went on a drive around Portland. We could only stay a day and a half, but it was so fun to see them and Tori had a blast with all 4 grandparents in one place. She was a total ham and loved every minute!
Luckily on the way home Tori and I got to stay with Jason and the Jones' family! They are so amazing!


Kristen said...

This is the cutest story ever! I bet your mom was so excited to find Tori on the doorstep. That would make any grandma's day. How fun. Looks like a nice trip, we will have to make a trip up to Idaho to come visit when you guys are settled.

Cassidy said...

Hey girl! I found myself saying awwwww tendeeerrr!!!! Hope things work out soon! Let me know if you need anything or if you wanna hangout again before you go. Cole misses his buddy!

Burch Family said...

Wow what a trip! Twin Falls is where I met John and Shoshone Falls is where he proposed to me. It's our "place." We used to go there all the time when we were dating and first married to get away from school and we'd hike that trail to the top. Needless to say, I am jealous! It's gorgeous isn't it?!!!