Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby # 3...the mystery child

Well, here is our little alien! So after about an hour of prodding the little devil wouldn't give a profile, a good enough nose and mouth shot, or gender check. We will have another Ultrasound soon. The reason why we couldn't get the gender was because the baby is straddling the umbilical cord!!! The baby is also facing head down in a tight ball with it's hands by the we won't know until next time if it is an Isaac Thomas or a Brooke Elizabeth! I think I will put a survey up for fun!

Here is the kinda looks scary! Don't have nightmares about my child!!!

Ahhh...tender! It is the right can see the big toe and the little toe pretty well, but all the rest are cloudy.


Marc and Kim Wheeler said...

Oh my gosh, I am going to have nightmares!!!! Just kidding. Mine were pretty scary looking as well. I pulled Alivia's out and her's were so cute. It totally looked like her. But this time, they were just like yours, I rather just keep it away and hope she will grow and get out of her ugly stage. Hope you guys find out what the gender is.

Melissa L. said...

Yeah, that is pretty scary. I have a very similarly frightening one of Andrew's ultrasound. :) They totally look like little monsters!

Mari said...

Ha ha, my baby looks like he's wearing a halloween mask in one of his pics. Pretty crazy! Well, I hope your little rascal cooperates next time!

Kat said...

BUST! That almost happened to me with baby #1. I went to the bathroom and did jumping jacks for 10 min. It did the trick, he woke up and started wiggling around.