Friday, June 5, 2009

Homeless in Boise
I got this picture off of the's a nice one of downtown Boise. Isn't it pretty? I am sure you all will be moving here soon...I hear it is an amazing place to live!!!
Well...we are still homeless...seriously, while FHA loans are fabulous, there sure is a bunch of hoops to run through! Right now we are stuck on the fact that the underwriters for the FHA loan need to get official copies of our taxes so they can match it to the copies that we gave them. Really we aren't lying! Who doesn't want to get money back from the government? is kind of annoying and we have had to pay for a storage unit to keep all of our stuff in and for a place to stay (which mind you is not cheap!) I am getting tired of the wait, but I just need to trust in the Lord and remember that there has to be something that I am supposed to learn from this...maybe it is that living out of a suitcase really sucks...or that most of the things you really need are in the storage unit stuck way in the back where you cannot reach it...or that hanging out a strange house leads to boredom and a lot of mindless tv. I hate being a tv junky!
But besides all of the mess, our cat is doing better (even though she is quarantined to the laundry room and can't come out and play...rental rules) and we are all healthy (well, besides Tori's endless snotty nose because of teething...the snot sucker is in the storage unit in some undisclosed place...oh where oh where is that snot sucker...I am glad I am having another baby so I can steal another from the hospital...Ladies...I am being serious about this, they cannot be found elsewhere! Take it!)
We have been exploring a little. The parks here are awesome...the people are amazingly friendly (everyone says hi and they look at you in the eye!) and there are still good restaurants around (we ate at Texas Roadhouse thanks to Auntie Marie!)
Another shout out to Marie because she brought a computer with wireless internet! I can't believe I almost survived a week without internet!
Pray that we sign for the house today!!!


Shug said...

I'm crossing my fingers~!!

Corri said...

Kendra- You're so full of news, both positive and not so positive. Good luck girl!