Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For all of Tori's fans!

I know that I haven't written for a while about our cute little Tori, so this one is dedicated to her! She is going to be 14 months old tomorrow! I cannot believe it! (Just a side note, my sister and I are only 14 months apart! Was my mom crazy?) Well, Tori is so fun and such a trooper! We love her soooo much!
This is Tori's idea of moving...lounging and playing in the boxes!
Tori's Top 10
(I am copying my sister!)
1. Elmo movies...she sits in her Elmo chair and is in heaven!
2. Reading books on your lap
3. Bananas
4. Bob, he is our resident squirrel
5. Watching the birds in our HUGE backyard
6. Shopping...mostly riding in the cart and playing with all of the things that we buy
7. Dancing to the Wiggles, Ralph and commercials on TV
8. Playing with Cell phones
9. Surfing dogs (I think that they were on PBS yesterday and she was enthralled)
10. Sesame Street characters...especially Cookie Monster and Abby Cadabby
Tori's hair is finally long enough for almost big girl pigtails in back!
Tori sporting some piggies and in her new big girl chair (did you know she has to be in it until she is 100 pounds! That is crazy! She is only 19!)
Tori's Favorite Foods
string cheese
and any food that Jason and I are eating

Tori resting her chin on the table at the Riverside Restaurant in the middle of no where Idaho! This is where we found out that she loves celery (not a gene acquired from me).
Wearing Grandpa D's glasses!
New Things That Tori Does
knocks on doors and windows
beeps noses
walks on her knees (not her feet!)
throws balls
reads the "Friend" (a church magazine for children)
Says "Ahhhh Du" when she is all done with her meal
carries things around like a purse (anything with a handle on it)
loves to wear "bracelets" (usually toys)
points at everything
she carries around a blankey!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!
5 Things She Hasn't Grown Out Of
1. squeezes (that is our version of a hug)
2. she is still in 6-12 month clothes and...
3. size 2 shoes
4. crawling (much to my chagrin)
5. her crazy excited convulsion (which she now uses sometimes when she is frustrated with me because I won't let her do something!)
We sure do love our "big" baby girl!


Joy said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been having Tori withdrawals! What a C-U-T-I-E!!!!! Miss you, Love you... Send Tori back with Gwen... and Keep Dennis... Thanks. Joy

Shumway's said...

Kendra, how cute is your little girl!! Wow, 19lbs. I gave birth to about 55% of her weight! That is crazy. I am glad that you are finding things to enjoy and become enthralled with there in Idaho. I will have to make a point of stopping in when we move back to UT. We will want to drive the UT-Seattle circuit often. Hopefully in the next few years. Sure miss you! Hope all is well. -Sarah

Marc and Kim Wheeler said...

I love the pic of her resting her chin on the table! So precious! Hope you guys are doing well.

Jessica said...

cute cute cute!!! She's growing up way too fast! How is everything going? You are so positive about what's going on. We think of you often! Hey, when do you know what you're having??

Cassidy said...

I miss that little cute thing! She is getting so big!!!
I am so excited to see pics of the house too!
Oh, and just a little p.s. we just got Jake a booster for the car and it is for kids over 30 lbs. So we put him in the big seat if we are going far...but just for running around we use the booster and I LOVE it! So much easier.