Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh How We Miss Utah! (May 27th- June 1st)

For Memorial Day we wanted to pay Spencer a little visit. So we packed up the van and off we went. First we stopped in Hooper where as you can see, Tori had a blast running around the backyard. It wasn't hot and it wasn't cold, just right for a little 2 year old to have the time of her life! She played with the next door neighbors' dogs and chickens. She got to see cows, horses and goats. It was Tori heaven. She took some time to smell the flowers and hug some trees too! Grandpa really likes to take Tori exploring...they even found a few wild asparagus! Yummy! My favorite.
Our next stop was IKEA. We bought Tori the cute little table that my "gifted" her for her birthday. I am sure that you will see plenty of pictures of her playing on it soon, but none this time. Then we went down to Utah county and met up with our "besties", the Dunns! We are so excited for them...they will be adding a munchkin to their little tribe soon! Tiffany is one of those blessed women who really don't show until the very end of their pregnancy! Although I don't gain all that much weight, I feel like you can see the child within protruding in just a few weeks after I am pregnant! Ha ha ha!
Well, we of course had to meet up with my girls, Debra and Rachie! We met up fpr some delicious grub at Los Hermanos! Yummy! There really is no good Mexican restaurants around our parts of Idaho. So it was nice to have some good burritos and enchiladas. Tori found a new love too... taquitos with chicken inside. Jason had those too! Afterwards we went on a wild goose chase for my favorite cookies...Smart Cookies. I love their sugar cookies and everything else in between too! The one in Provo is closed, so we went to American Fork! I was on a mission, and boy did those cookies taste good!
We spent 2 nights with the Dunns and played until we could no longer keep our eyes open! OH HOW WE MISS THE DUNNS! We went on a walk (I love the picture of Brooke chilling with her feet up on the stroller!), hence all of the pretty pictures and Tori loved to play with Max! Monday festivities included going to see Spencer's grave. We bought him a little pinwheel and found that every grave had a little flower placed by it. And there were so many other people visiting their loved ones too. Tori fell asleep on the way, so Brookie was our model this year!
Tori woke up just in time to go to Thanksgiving Point's Farm! Oh boy, was she in heaven again! She got to pet horses and cows. She saw all kinds of farm animals, but her favorite were the chickens. She spent at least a half an hour watching the chickens. (Isn't the center picture amazing?!)
Tori got to ride her first Pony. We thought that it might not go so well, but she was all over it! She actually went twice. Once with Daddy and another time with Adam.

Monday night we had a bonfire in the Grandpa and Grandma Dinger's pit. The Dunns joined us and so did a lot of Jason's cousins and Auntie Joy. We flew a kite, toasted some wienies and marshmallows (do you see the ones that are the size of your head?!) and of course we made S'mores! We had a blast talking by the fire and remembering. We love you all and cannot wait to see you again (SOON!!!).
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Lora said...

Great pictures Ken! Especially that one of Tori and Jason at Thanksgiving Point. Thank you for not taking any pictures of you devouring food at Los Heramanos--that would have been too much for me to handle. Thanks for posting a pic of baby girl in the minnie onsie--that color looks fabulous on her!! Love you. August IS happening!!!!!