Friday, June 11, 2010

Oregon Take Two!

After a long afternoon of bowling one has to get out their artistic wiggles. Deep thought and finger paint result in some magnificent pieces of art. Brookie even got in on the madness! There was paint on hands, in hair, on faces and even in some mouths (mostly Tori's...she licks the paint brush!)
OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) was fun. Although a lot of the subject matter was a bit above their little minds, they loved playing. They have a kids place where you can let kids run wild, but that day everyone and their uncle decided to go to the museum. So we decided that we would take a rain-check on that! But we got to pet a snake and see dinosaurs! Tori loves Dinosaurs and the picture is not made up...that is really her surprised look at seeing the large T-Rex in the picture next to the head with her pointing! Tori also loved the toad... she has recently learned how to say "ibbit" (ribbit) and she hopped all over the museum happy that she got to see a real live frog. She also liked looking into a toilet and seeing an alligator and going in the earthquake room with Grandpa.
All in all our trip was amazing. It was great to be with family. It is amazing how many culinary masterpieces you can ingest in in just a little over a week. I think it was worth the one pound that I gained. Good thing that it takes a lot of calories to maintain my weight or else I would have been in trouble! ;)
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Lora said...

Honestly, only one pound? I gained like 4. I love food. But man, did I get sick of fast food after the road trips. Yikes.

Thanks for doing a more in depth overview of the trip. I still can't figure out how to freakin' move and drag my pictures around in a photo-collage. I am not technologically inept (I don't think) just wasn't/isn't working. Oh well. I miss that little Dino-Lovin' girl. I would pay to see her reaction to the new girl dinosaur in Toy Story 3. She might just poop her pants---lets hope that she doesn't take another $6.00 nap!
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