Monday, June 7, 2010

Oregon! (May 15-23, 2010)

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As you can see by all of the pictures Oregon was amazing! It was so fun to see Lora, Jake, Oscar and Livy! We had not seen Oscar and Livy since last August! That is a long time in little kid years! Jason was there on the weekends and he played an obscene amount of Star Wars Lego the game with Oscar. All of the rest of the gang during the week enjoyed the zoo, OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry), playing outside, and bowling. We also saw the new Shreck movie. Well...I paid $6 for Tori to take a nap. She did enjoy the Toy Story 3 trailer! Grandma Frann and Grandpa Lee also spoiled Tori and she got fairy wings (not the ones pictured, they just inspired the purchase) and the dinosaur from Toy moves and talks!
About this collage of Brooke: Brooke ate her first taste of Green Beans and Peas while in Oregon. She didn't make any faces, but only ate a little of each. She loved snuggling with Auntie Lora (who loved to put her to sleep and I even got a picture with her and the baby sleeping, but that is more for blackmail...). Livy was quite the babysitter and would play with Brooke all the time and would sing her songs when Brooke was tired or bored. Lora was enamored...and Brooke now has a new nickname: Sunshine.
Ahhh...Tori! Tori really enjoyed Livy, but it was a love hate relationship. 2 year olds and 3 year olds are a joy! But Livy was really great with Tori even though Tori instigated many brawls and stole a million toys! Livy shared all of her cool insights and now Tori loves to be a fairy, can go down the slide by herself, and has been versed in all things Barbie! Oscar taught her how to say Bebe in his cute little way (When Tori was born Oscar and Uncle Jason would say "It's a BEBE" this strange sort of voice and now Tori says it too!) Tori said Ah-car (Oscar), Ivi (Livy), Uncle and Rora quite a few times in Oregon. When they left Tori asked "Ere Ivi, mama?"
My parents are so fun with the kids. It was fun to go to the zoo with them. The highlight was feeding the Lorakeets. Oscar loved Brookie and wanted to hug and kiss and hold her all of the time. He got bored of her quickly, but there was neverending love. I know that picture of him and Brookie is blurry, but it sums up his love for her and hers for him! There was a lot of laughing, game playing, hugging, bubble blowing, reading, singing, swinging, sliding and plain old fun to be had in Oregon.
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One of the highlights was Tori's first bowling game and Oscar's first bowling game without the rail. He just chucked that ball down the lane. You should have seen the joy on his face when he got a spare! Tori wasn't so sure about everything. She didn't understand why she had to let the ball go down the rail. She also insisted on playing with the "purpa" (purple) ball (which weighed 9 pounds)! Most of her frames ended with her on the floor throwing a fit. I LOVE that picture of her and Uncle Jake. And are not seeing mom had to buy Livy and Tori matching outfits and boy were they cute! We had a blast in Oregon!
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Tiffany said...

Way cute pictures! I am glad that you guys had so much fun with your family. I miss them as well.

Lora said...

LOVE the collages!!!! Nice job working the Picasa...and thanks for not putting up the picture of me sleeping it was less than flattering. I already miss "Sunshine" and "The Too" soooo much. Oregon was fantastic, and we WILL have to make something happen soon so that we can see each other again. Love you so much. The kids will be so excited to see all of these pics!