Thursday, September 30, 2010


We went with our friends, the Jones, to visit their horses almost a month ago! (I know...I am almost caught up!) I thought we were going to just take a peek at the horses and maybe let the girls pet them, but we went to ride! That was basically my first time riding a horse (going on a horse tied to a horse walk just doesn't count!), and I liked it. We just walked around the pasture. Tori was a little scared at first, but then she wanted more. She was very excited to be a cowgirl and she even brought her hat.
Brooke also took her first ride (she really wasn't all that interested and really just wanted her milk). After the horse rides Tori got to visit with some chickens (Tori LOVES chickens!) and see a bunny rabbit. We tried to take some cut pictures of Natalie, Emily and Tori on the hay, but Tori did not like the hay. Tiffany got some cute pictures of her girls and when she posts them I will put up more cute pictures!
Sadly, our friends Cory and Tiffany are back in LA. I am sure that they are happy to be back, but it was really nice to have good friends to play with who understand the little kids thing! We miss you and thanks for playing with us!

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Tiffany said...

You are way ahead of me on posting! I'll email you some of the good ones that I got. We are happy to be back, but we miss hanging out with you guys! Fortunately we'll be back at Christmas--hopefully we can catch up with you if you're in town.