Thursday, September 23, 2010

Those Dinger Girls

Well, I just finished editing and making collages of the last few weeks. There were 130 some odd pictures. But "those Dinger girls are just so cute" (we hear this quite often around here!), so for your viewing pleasure...

We haven't been up to to much since we left California. We just hang around the house, play outside and sometimes even go to the park. Brooke, of course, is growing like a weed. She has decided to pull up on everything including flat walls and has even figured how to get down from standing. Every once in a while I walk her around the room and then let go of her hands. She balances there for a minute and then falls to her little padded bum. The first picture of her licking the gate is actually the first time she pulled up. Now it is a usual sight in our house...licking the gate!More pictures of the cutie. Please note the unruly hair! She can't wear headbands anymore because she pulls them out!Look out little munchkins! Tori is still into dressing up in frilly skirts and playing with hats. A few weeks ago we were out shopping and Tori found a cowboy hat. Well, she would not let go of the cowboy hat and threw a monstrous crying fit when we had to leave the cowboy hat in the store. YIKES. Good thing I have a cowboy hat from my country dancing days! Anyway, the next day I dug it out of the closet and also found a sombrero from my 26th birthday party! She was instantly in love!
I also included the picture of her with the cowboy hat on watching TV because lately she has seen Sesame Street, Word World and Dora with a cowboy theme and immediately put on her cowboy hat. It's quite adorable and I wanted to remember it!
Of course, just as much as she likes to dress up, it is always fun to dress Brooke up too! Brooke is sporting the cowboy hat.
If you make the picture bigger you will notice Tori in a bucket, Tori in her "Pincess" PJs that she recently inherited from Liv playing with Daddy, Tori chilling watching her shows, Tori and I having a jam session playing on the Backyardigan guitar and Brookie having a good old time discovering the little kitchen.

A week ago I got a fun birthday package from Marie. She sent me one of those huge cupcake molds and this adorable cupcake apron. Tori was instantly in love and had to have it on so she could dance in it! The other pictures are just some random PJ pictures. She loves her new "Pincess" nightgown (also inherited from Liv). In the other PJ picture she is playing peek-a-boo with Brooke!One of Tori's new favorite games is "Ready-Set-Go" which involves her going to the farthest corner of the room and yelling "Ready-Set-Go!" at the top of her lungs and then running to an invisible finish line. It is hilarious. Sure most of these pictures are out of focus, but it was fun to capture her little game and see her imagination take flight! This is Tori's new favorite shirt. I love it because it is so colorful. (Also a Liv inheritance...let's face it, most if not almost all, of Tori's clothes are inherited!) Anyway, this is a picture of her snack time. This day was Fruit Loops and apple juice. We have had this super huge box of Fruit Loops for like 4 months and she finally finished it! Sunday best. A real dress! I love it! While Jason and I get ready and Brookie is down for a nap, Tori gets to watch a show. That day it was the Wiggles...hence the amazing dancing pictures! Oh and I can never get her to look at me when I am taking pictures! The backyard! Really, it is amazing. Tori loves to explore, dig and play outside. Aren't these pictures adorable. My favorite is where she is scowling at me from the stack of lumber. She is not supposed to play on this wood, but I quite frequently find her there. Now if I find her there she gets time out!
In the afternoon after her nap she gets to play until 5 and do what she wants. Sometimes she likes to go outside and play, other days she likes to color, play with toys and listen to her CDs. She even loves classical stuff. Of course it is all Baby Einstein music, but she is all over it! Her favorite Cd though is a music that I used to listen to as a kid. It is the London Symphony and Children's choir singing some of the Primary songs and she calls it "I am a Child of God" (that is the first song).
Well, I guess you got a little taste of what we Dinger girls do during the day. We hope you enjoy the pictures! Stay tuned for Brooke's first horseback ride and feeding the ducks!


Collett Family said...

Those Dinger girls are so cute! I cannot believe how big they are both getting, especially Brooke. I guess that is what happens to little girls: the grow up. I love all of your collages.

Lora said...

Love, Love all of the pictures. And I love seeing all of Liv's clothes again on Tori. She looks so adorable in them, especially that one of her in the dress with flowers on it. I love that dress. The kids enjoy looking at these pictures over and over again, as do I. Love you tons. Can's wait to see Tori on a horse!