Thursday, September 30, 2010


2 Saturdays ago we went and fed the ducks. Tori thought this was the most amazing thing ever invented. We went down the road to a cemetery that has a big pond of ducks, geese and swan. I am sure it was made to house just the swans, but all of the other feathered friends joined in the fun. I was passing the cemetery on the way home one day and saw a few families feeding the ducks, so I put it in my head as something to do as a family. We will be doing this more in the future too. We didn't stay too long because we were having the missionaries over for dinner (Mom's stew...Mmmm!), but we did get some good pictures and I am even uploading a video. (They always take forever, but for posterity sake...)Brooke thought the ducks were fun too...but she was just the observer.
"More please!" We brought quite a bit of bread, and Tori wasn't sure whether to give it to the ducks or eat it herself!
Do you see the goose eating it right out of her hands?! Jason threw a piece of bread towards the swan and all of the other ducks flew and swam after it!
Ah Mom! Do we have to leave?! Tori didn't want to load back into the car and wanted to give the ducks a hug, although with little success. Bye, bye duckies! Until next time!

Mind you, this video was taken off of our camera...not the best of quality, but cute. If you didn't see our Horses blog, here it is!

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