Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's up?

That is one of Tori's new phrases. She is catching on to this talking thing with vengeance. It is quite fun to hear all of her new words and what is going on in her little head. These pictures are a little old. They are from about 3 weeks ago. I know. I need to catch up, but I have been working on a little surprise for my sister's birthday and so I have been a little busy, but not to worry. I promise to catch up soon. These pictures were taken when both little munchkins had a cold. Don't look too closely or you might see buggers wiped across face, on clothes, and perhaps on me! I cannot wait until all of my kids know how to blow their own noses! At least they let me blow their noses without too much fuss (thank heavens for tissues with lotion...I recommend these to all parents!).
Tori and Brooke got a package from Grandma Frann. She sent them stickers to go on the window for Halloween, owls (notice that Tori is showing the owls her stickers), and stuff to make Halloween cookies. (I wish I knew where I hid the sprinkles that she is in one of those good for nothing spots that you think that you will remember where you hid them for safe keeping and yet you cannot find them anywhere in the house!) Thanks Grandma Frann!
Tori is also loving the Leogs that she inherited from Oscar. She can now build some massive towers where she needs to stand on the table to finish.

Ode to the sombrero. Here are some fun pictures of Brookie. She is in the middle of her cold in these photos and she looks all clouded over, but they still are so cute!
Playing outside. what would playing out in the yard be without the quick hug from a tree?! Tori loves to play outside and has been enjoying the warm weather. (Although it has become Fall here in the last couple of days...rain, leaves turning colors, long sleeve shirts... I LOVE FALL!). Her new found passion is digging. We really need to put sand in her sand box (also inherited from the Olesens), but I just don't think the sand will last all winter and I think I will hold off on that until the Spring. Until then she digs in this rocky area by our dog run. Isn't she adorable?! She was told the other day that she looks like the Olsen twins (Mary Kate & Ashley) when they were younger...we've gotten that a few times. At least they were cute when they were younger...I hope she doesn't look like them in the future...they turned out weird!
This was an especially sick day for Brooke, but I wanted to take her out to get some fresh air. So she explored the grass, went down the slide, and was extremely smiley in the swing. I need to take a lesson from her when I am sick. She was never the least bit grumpy!
Do you see how BEAUTIFUL Brooke is? Do you see her curlies! I think that she may have inherited some curly hair! And look at those shockingly blue eyes and blaring white skin...I am glad she looks like Jason, because otherwise I don't know who she belongs to! Her two upper teeth are coming in too! The Park! We found a new park. It is Storey Park. I love it because in the heat of the day all of the trees in the park shade the Big Toy and all of the swings! Tori isn't getting much braver with the Big Toy yet. I think that she may be a little scared of height or something (at least outside anyway...she doesn't seem at all afraid when she is climbing couches or tables!). But that is all there is to this entry...I cannot believe I have had this much Magic Time (the time when both girls are down for a nap at the same time)...oh wait...I hear little voices. Time is up! I am outta here!

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