Monday, October 18, 2010

October Happenings

Well, I am catching up!
We haven't been up to too much lately. Just hanging out at home, working and playing. What I have been up to: believe it or not (it may not show in the pictures) but I have been getting up at 6:15 AM every morning (Monday-Saturday) to work out on our elliptical machine for 30 minutes religiously for a whole month!!! I haven't lost much weight...due to the fact that I gained a few pounds in California hogging down some amazing food, or maybe it is because I haven't really cut down on the yummy food intake, or maybe I am gaining so much muscle and muscle weighs more than fat (I am going to go with this one!)! Anyway, I am proud of myself! I love working out and cannot wait to see the results, even if they are SLOW!
On another note, I came home from a Young Women activity and Jason was bragging about the pictures that he took of the girls that night. He said they were so CUTE! I didn't remember to look at them that night, but I saw the camera on the counter the next morning and this is what I saw:
Jason's silly shenanigans! There was not one picture of the children, just 3 silly pictures of Jason sporting Tori's "birthday" hat. My husband is so strange!We found this amazing moth sitting in our backyard a couple of weeks ago. Tori thought is was great! Jason caught it and set it on one our fence posts so that it would be safe.
I have been trying new hairstyles on Tori. Here is a twin french braid! She looks like such a big girl lately!
We are trying to broaden Tori's movie horizons! She is really into Elmo, Dora, the Wiggles and the Wonder Pets. We are trying to convince her that feature films are great. So every Sunday we watch a different Disney movie. So far she has liked Lady and the Tramp, Beauty and the Beast (this one is her favorite I think...we also think that Tori has the same color of eyes as Belle...they are not brown, but not quite green...), Snow White, Toy Story 1 & 2 and Finding Nemo. We bought the new Blue Ray/DVD of Beauty and the Beast with a $10 off coupon at Walmart (It is also one of my favorite Disney movies). It turned out to be only $15! We also scored at DI last weekend and bought a whole bunch of Disney VHS tapes for $2. Tori was so excited! I love that she still likes to watch movies with her hands behind her head on the LuvSac. Classic picture with her daddy...oh and there is even one of me!
Brooke is so fun. She is such an easy going baby. Yesterday at church a half a dozen people commented on the blueness of Brooke's eyes. She really does have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. She is really into trying new foods and loves to eat little nibbles of my food at dinner, especially if she gets to bite my fork. Did you know that there is a new sweet called a Brookie. It is a cross between a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie. I thought that was appropriate (you being the Brownie and Jason being the Chocolate Chip Cookie making the you get it?!). Tori loves to play with Daddy. Jason plays this throwing game with her. I don't know exactly how he throws her 24 pound little body so high, but he does. As you can tell by the smile she LOVES this game. Do you love Brookie's tights on Tori's head? I think that she should start a new fashion. I also think that they kind of look like bunny ears. Silly little Tori!Oh how I love my Young Women!!! I have been slaving (along with the rest of the Young Women presidency and board) for about a month to get Young Women in Excellence finished. I hand made beautiful invitations, programs and bookmarks for each girl and Young Women leader. Our theme: Steadfast in Christ. Our sub theme: warriors in the war against evil. Our inspiration was a picture by Judy Cooley called "Shield of Faith".The girls made shields, helmets and spears. Each girls and leader had to complete a 10 hour project (I organized all of the recipes I have collected out of magazines into 3 fabulous recipe binders: Sweets, Meals and Extras. I really love them! I will take pictures of them sometime) and the girls are just so amazing. The cooky one in the left corner is Ursula Tingey... she is the YW president. I adore her. She truly is extraordinary. I love being her secretary, aka "Brain", it is a challenging calling...and I love being challenged! Do you love our attempt at getting a cute photo of me and the girls?!
Tori is really into dancing lately. I tried to upload a video of the girls dancing, but it was a no go. She is dancing in her BYU cheer-leading outfit. She gets it on and says "Go Cougars!" It is quite adorable. This may be her Halloween costume (minus the ballerina footy pajamas).
Brooke = Beautiful! Brooke just keeps getting bigger and bigger. She is going to be 1 soon! I cannot believe how time flies....
which brings me to the point that we didn't have a picture of our sweet Brookie in our house until just a few days ago when I made this out of a regular black frame with a white mat (matte?). Tori's was a ready-made matte that I put into a black frame, so I copied the idea and made it my own. I also spiced up Spencer's too. I think they turned out fabulous and they look great on our mantle! As I was doing this project I also realized that I had 3 kids in 3 years! Boy was I nuts! :) Here's to a pregnancy free 2010!


Sawyers Family said...

LOL! Pregnancy-free 2010!!! Yea right! I guess you might stand a chance because there's only 2.5 months left of 2010!!!

Lora said...

I plan to have a pregnancy-free rest of my life. LOL!! I love all of the pics. Where to start? Let's start with what a *special* husband you have. ;) Now we know what Jason really likes to do in his spare time when no one is looking.

One day i hope to be able to master the art which is the french braid. I will check out a book at the library and practice on Liv's barbies.

The pics are all so cute. Quit posting so dang many! They make me miss you too much! Love you.

Cherie said...

You guys did a beautiful job on Young Women In Excellence! I loved every minute. The girls AND the Presidency - You are all phenomenol women! And yes, that President is Kooky and a VERY extraordinary person!!

The Brownies said...

Im a stalker! :)

Tiffany said...

that pic of Jason is hilarious! What a goofball. And great job working out everyday!! You are amazing! And last but not least, I agree. Sister Tingey is crazy and I love her too. :)