Friday, October 15, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Dinger Visit (Sep. 28th- 30th)

I know...I just cannot seem to catch up! But here are some pictures from G&G Dinger coming to visit at the end of September. They called up that Monday to tell us that they were going to Ohio and wanted to stop by on their way...ummm....Ohio is the other way (East, that is!). But they needed to get their fill of some little munchkins and so they came to play Tuesday afternoon. Boy was Tori excited! She ran out to the car to meet them. She usually takes a while to warm up, but apparently that went out the window with this visit. She climbed right up on Grandma's lap while she was still in the car!
We had a lazy ol' time together. Brooke cozied up with Grandma and she read them both some books. They love a good story and Grandma Gwen is so cozy!On Wednesday we had a full day of excitement that started with using Grandma Gwen's spray gel so that you could really see Brookie's curls! She has a curly top. I guess that a little spray gel goes a long way...she was a little crunchy!Then off to the park we went. Brookie loves a good swing! Do you see her dimple! LOVE it!Watch out world! I caught Tori smiling! That's right...I caught her in the act of playing peek-a-boo with Grandpa...which means a grin!Brookie tried out the big girl slide (Tori is still frightened). It was a little shaky, but she smiled big, so maybe she liked it! She is trying to clap now a days and I caught her in the act!Lo and behold is that a HUGE grin?! I believe it is! Once again playing peek-a-boo. I need to remember this trick!Later on that afternoon we went to go see the "ANINALS"! She was really excited to watch the fish and then see all of the stuffed wildlife. I love the picture of Brooke looking up at the ceiling. There was a big vulture at the top of the ceiling there and apparently she thought it was really cool. Tori was not in a smiling mood when we took the last picture with her and Grandpa...she just found out that we had to leave the animals and there was a HUGE tantrum on the way home. She cried, "Aninals...aninals...(sniff, sniff)". It was so sad.The next day Tori got an idea...if I steal Grandma's shoes and socks then she can't leave! It was hilarious to watch her walk around in Grandma's shoes and socks! She thought she was pretty "punny" as she says. "I so punny!" Good things always have to come to an end, but it wasn't too bad, because we will see them Halloween! Just a few extras. That night the girls were being extra silly in bed and these are the results! So fun! Check out Tori's hair style! I have been trying to branch out! She has had many a new style lately: french braids, fish tails, and connected pony tails to name a few.
HATS...they are still all the rage. This one used to be navy blue, but got sun bleached. Playing peek-a-boo again! Gotta love it! Gotta love these girls!


Sawyers Family said...

Your girls are so cute! And how fun that Jason's parents can visit!

Lora said...

Oh, how I miss these girls!!! Why have I never noticed that dimple of Brookie's? She is getting so big. Her tiny pig tail cracks me up! As for the hair gel--you were just going for the 80's crunchy look weren't you? I still can't believe she has curls. Hopefully they are there to stay. Tori is always so darned cute! And, as you know I love "The Gwennis!" Love them. They are so sweet. Miss you tons....thank you for all of the pictures....Liv and Osc especially appreciate them. Love you.

Cherie said...

Ha I stole your blog address off the Collett's blog - Hope you don't mind :-D

Wray Family said...

What a fun visit! Dennis & Gwen are such cute grandparents! O and I love Brooke's curly hair, how cute!