Monday, November 1, 2010

October Occurences

A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks. For starters, I began potty training Tori! It has gone well, all except for the number 2 thing, naps and night time...I need advice from mothers out there who have done this before. We use pull-ups for naps and night time, but the number 2 thing is really gross! I have thrown away quite a few pairs of underwear! But she is doing GREAT otherwise...I thought I was going to have to do the whole every 30 minute thing with her, but she immediately said "Mommy, peepee" every time she had to go! So that was fabulous! My favorite thing is the little saying that she does at the end of going to the bathroom. I think that I must have said it once and now she says it every time: "Tap, tap, tap. Good. And now you put it in." That is the trip the toilet paper takes. Sometimes she get stylish and adds "1-2-3 go! and then you put it in...bye bye toilet paper!" HILARIOUS!
This is Princess Potty Panties! This beautiful tiara is one of the prizes from her stash that we got from Goodwill. We also had prizes that Lora sent (little toys that Livy grew out of and Tori inherited) and of course M&Ms from Grandma Frann! Please note the water marks on her shirt...she is a good girl and washes her hands, and then she wipes them on her shirt! HA!
This one is for Oscar! He sent his special friend Nemo to Brooke a few weeks ago. Read about Nemo's voyage here.
Dear Oscar,
Thanks so much for sending me your special friend Nemo. I really love his orange fins and I hope you don't mind that I like to suck on them. Sometimes I let Tori play with him too, but I am really glad that you sent him especially to me. It makes me feel so special and I know that you must love me so much. I will take good care of him and I will give him lots of love!
I love you!

I was crafty! I made these lovely temple wall hangings for each of the ladies that I visit teach (there are 5!) and one for me and one for my companion. The message this month was about temples from the Temples Ensign. All of the ladies I visit teach, my companion and I had a lunch together and enjoyed an afternoon of bliss (2 hours without children) together. I sure do love these ladies! I told Jason that he is lucky that we are on the poorer side and that he should never let me into a craft store when we do have $! I am craft crazy! But I did get some good ideas for Christmas presents!
We made cookies! Tori was still in the accident phase of the potty training, so that is why she is not wearing any pants! :) While Brooke was taking a nap, Tori and I made sugar cookies that we could frost during Family Home evening a week ago. It was her first time, and she loved it! Please note that as she cut the dough her cute little paw prints could be seen in the dough...she couldn't quite grasp that you just push down the cookie cutter. She loved rolling out the dough and playing in the flour. She also liked to put the cookies on the pan. We had quite a few deranged looking bats and kittens. She decided on which cookie cutter to use, so we ended up with 12 pumpkins! She liked them the best.
We frosted cookies! That night equipped with her own plastic IKEA knife she frosted her first cookie. Most of the frosting went in her mouth! She LOVED the sprinkles too! My favorite picture is of the one of all of the cookies all finished and you can just see Tori's hands on the edge of the table...she was waiting to do some quality control. Surprisingly enough, Brooke hated the frosting but gobbled up little pieces of the cookie! (Sorry, no pictures of Brookie...she was quite sick!)
Brooke and Tori got some random sickness. They both got their flu shots on the previous Saturday. Monday Brooke woke up with a fever of 102.7* and she was so tired and lethargic. She wasn't showing signs of anything else, but she just slept all day long. We went to the doctor and nothing was wrong, just a high fever. Well, the next day the fever was lowering and by that night, she was her same ol' self. I figured that it was just her body trying to fight off the flu shot, then Tori got the strange sickness. Tori sick means a lot of whining and cuddling. So to appease the pain, we made a fort where she could watch her shows and play. I am really glad that this sickness only lasted a few days and that we didn't get it, because otherwise we would not have been able to visit Utah. We know that this was a blessing for sure! I promise that the next blog will be filled with Halloween and a visit with our bestest friends!

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Lora said...

Oscar loves the picture of Brooke with Nemo! Thanks for blogging it for us. That little Brookie is too cute! She kind of does look like Oscar, and Tori is lookin' a little bit like weird. You look fabulous by the way. Love you tons and tons and tons and tons......