Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween in Utah

...after we spent time with friends on Saturday (10/30) we went back up to Hooper for Halloween celebrations.
Halloween Dinger Style
(Thanks Auntie Joy for catching this picture...she was great at getting the girls to smile!) We dressed up in our costumes and then took the kids trick or treating. Tori was a ballerina (costume inherited from Livy who got it for a dance recital), Brooke was a lady bug (this one was purchased for Livy's first Halloween, but it was too big for her, then it was too big for Tori's first Halloween, and finally it fit Brookie perfectly!), Marie was a cowgirl, Gwen was Dorothy, Dennis was Spock, Jason was Captain Kirk, and I was a cat.
We only went to a few houses, but Tori got a haul (at Pam's Volk's house, a little girl gave Tori half of her was so cute!). We even got homemade donuts! YUM! Of course, Tori shared her candy with her parents (well, she didn't really know that we were taking it) and Brooke was allowed only a pre-sucked sucker! I love that Dennis always looks surprised in the pictures.I love that picture of Brooke and I! And the one of Tori waiting at the door. She gave Auntie Joy a great big kiss for the great big Kit Kat she got! (And that is the sucker that Brooke was allowed to have! Ha ha ha... Brooke didn't care that it was recycled!)
Our Cute Little Bug
Click on this and make it bigger. This was Brookie's first sucker. She LOVED it! After every lick she said "Mmmmm!" It was hilarious. She only got a few licks and then it was confiscated. I did want her to go to sleep!
Our Ballerina!
As seen here, she is playing with her new friend, Loco. He is a stick pony made by Grandma. Tori loves Loco and, in fact, is playing with him right now. We love Loco, but he is frequently used as a weapon and has been put in time out for a few extended periods of time. (We need to cut the broom stick!)
Our Little Walker
Brookie took her first steps with a fabulous audience. Auntie Marie even caught it in picture form! We are so excited. She doesn't just get up and walk, but she can do it now!
These are pictures from Sunday, Halloween actually. Tori loves to play the organ. The girls sure look cute in their Halloween striped shirts! (I love the one of them both playing the organ and Brooke is on her tip toes.)
We got a chance to visit the next door neighbors' horse. Tori got a kick out of feeding him carrots and apples. Brooke even pet him!
Then for a birthday celebration. I cannot believe that Brooke is one! Isn't that nuts?! Well, we were a week early on take 1 of Brooke's birthday (she will be having 3 parties!). She of course loved the wrapping paper more than the presents. She got a little shopping cart to push around that plays music. She also got two Wiggle CDs for dancing (she loves to dance!) and some cute clothes. She munched a little on the brownie too, but was more interested in playing in it than eating it! Shortly after brownies we were on the road again. It was a short trip, but it was fabulous to see everyone. We miss you all! And to end...
Our One Year Old!

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Lora said...

The girlies look so cute in their Halloween costumes! Livy's recital costume is actually getting used, fancy that. Oscar had his first sucker at Halloween time, when he was just a year old too! A tootsie pop. You all look fabulous dressed up. Do you rotate between a cat, Indian, and a Hawaiian chic? I didn't even include a pic with me in my witch hat---"witch" I plan to be every year. I'm horribly uncreative, and ho-hum about dressing up.

Anyways. Thanks for the adorable pics. You might want to start putting sunglasses over those laser bright blue eyes of Brookie's, she is bound to hurt someone just by looking at them! :) Love you.