Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Birthday Girl

Our Birthday Girl!
Well, we have a one year old! I cannot believe it! Her first year went by so fast it is crazy! This was Tori's one year is a one year shirt for Brookie. She is going to pass up on Tori's height soon I am sure unless Tori has a sudden growth spurt. Brooke is only 3 inches shorter than Tori!
We decided to celebrate Brooke's birthday at Red Robin. Brooke ate her first Toasted Cheese Sandwich and LOVED it. I haven't really met a real food that Brooke doesn't like. She has also learned how to give 5s! It is so fun...she just giggles. Tori is practicing her "CHEESE" in these pictures...if she would just look at the camera!
(Yes, that is a wrap around my thumb. I got my thumb shut in a van door! At least it isn't broken, for that I am truly grateful. It was ridiculous taking care of the girls with out a thumb, but I did get out of a lot of chores...especially DISHES! Who knew thumbs were so important?! I can now say that I am grateful for opposable thumbs!)
I LOVE the picture of Brooke looking at the singers at the restaurant...what are you crazies doing? She loved the whip cream, but was not too sure about the cold ice-cream. But tori didn't have a problem with finishing it off for her! Ha ha ha. (yes, that is a most ridiculous picture of my thumb!)
We came back home and celebrated with a festive cake. Tori loved singing the "Birthday Song" and even got a chance to blow out the candle. The cake looks super cute, but next time I will buy vanilla or cream cheese frosting and make it pink...the strawberry flavor was NASTY! Brooke didn't really you can see...
Not much cake made it in to her mouth. She is not a fan of frosting, so she just basically mushed the cake all around her highchair and in between her fingers. She was also so tired. We kept her up until 7:45! Hopefully I will remember with the next kid to start the cake earlier...maybe afternoonish. I made the same mistake with Tori's one year celebration. Anyway, we had fun with Birthday Celebration #2. The next (and last) Birthday Celebration will be in a few weeks at Grandma Frann's house. Yipee!
Introducing Brookie In Pigtails
Here are some random pictures for you to enjoy. They are small, but oh so cute!Happy Birthday Grandpa Lee!
This is Tori making Grandpa Lee's birthday present. She hopes you love it...we will call you soon to sing you the birthday song. She has practiced all week! Love you Dad!


Marc and Kim Wheeler said...

How cute!!!! Time does go by....too fast huh! I am scared it will go faster when we have another kid (not anytime soon though). I love birthdays, they are so fun when it's for one year olds. We miss you guys, hope you are doing well.

Alli Blue said...

Brookie is so cute! Those blue eyes are just too much!

And finger painting? You are brave! ;)