Monday, September 5, 2011

A Name and a Blessing

We have an amazing family! During the last two weeks we have had family come from Utah, Oregon and California to visit with us and celebrate the birth of baby Katelyn. Thank heavens for their help and all of their extra arms! I am still not exactly sure how I am going to handle having 3 little munchkins all by myself!
All is going well with my recovery. Each C Section seems easier and easier (this is the 4th one!) and the pain is pretty much under control. Katelyn is the best baby. She is breastfeeding like a pro and sleeps pretty well too! (Although I am still tired a lot!)
Here are some pictures from the last week or so.

The girls seem to really love Katelyn (as well as all of her Aunties, Uncles, cousins and Grandparents....not to mention Mommy & Daddy...oh and basically everyone that she meets!).

A doughnut feast brought to you by Auntie Marie! One way to keep Tori and Brooke busy is FOOD! Brooke and Tori devouring some Krispy Kreme doughnuts! I love that hat!

Katelyn...what a cute little cupcake! Need I say more?! This is a picture at 7 days old after a little sponge bath. Check out that hair! I bought this little outfit especially for Katelyn when I found out that I was having a little girl! TENDER!

Here are some pictures of our visitors. Mind you there are only a few because Lora was the photographer of this special occasion. Auntie Marie came before the big huge rush (and we all know that she just wanted to have more snuggle time with Katelyn and not have to share her with a half a dozen other people!) Over the holiday weekend we had a house full of visitors! Grandpa & Grandma Dinger, Grandma Frann & Grandpa Lee, Auntie Lora, Uncle Jake, Oscar and Livy all hanging out at our house at the same time. It was really crazy in our house, but it was so much fun! I loved seeing the girls all playing together and watching Oscar love on his new little cousin Katelyn. I miss my sister so much it hurts sometimes. I am glad that she made the trip even though the trip home was rough with all of that California holiday traffic!

Our sweet little angel baby is now officially known as Katelyn Amelia Dinger!I decided (on kind of a whim) that we should bless Katelyn this Sunday because most of the people we would want in her circle just happened to be here all at once! It was serendipitous! Jason gave her a beautiful blessing and I was able to sit through the first hour of church! Her dress was a present from Grandma & Grandpa Dinger and Auntie Marie and although it was a bit large, it was perfect. I bought the shoes at Target and the little lacy socks at Walmart! The hair bow was the same one that Brookie used and is absolutely gorgeous! Little miss Katelyn looked beautiful and was a doll as we took 8 million pictures of her and all of our family! There will be an amazing blog of all of the pictures that Lora took after she has edited them. I just took a few as she was photographing.


Katie said...


Alli Blue said...

I was surprised you blessed her so soon, but she looked beautiful and tiny! What a great day!

Synergy Girl said...

You had your baby!! CONGRATS!! I just saw ya from Alli's blog, and thought I would come peek at your little sweetness...she's SO CUTE!!!! I don't know if you remember me...but we played volleyball a few times :) Hope to see ya again soon!!

Marc and Kim Wheeler said...

Awwww congrats! She is beautiful. I am glad your recovery is going well and that you have had a lot of visitors/help. I am not sure how I am going to handle 3 as well but I'm sure you will be fine. Your girls are so sweet.

Collett Family said...

She is a perfect little doll. Well done! I am sad that I am not your visiting teacher anymore, but I still hope to be able to check in and see how my friend Kendra is doing. Congratulations again.

Lesley said...

Look at those gorgeous girls... they are so beautiful! And seriously, I don't know how you do it with three. I think I'll stick with two for now :)

Thanks for the recipe tip! I'm totally going to make that, like tonight!