Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Watching my babies grow...

I cannot believe how much having a baby makes me realize how much my other little babies are growing up! Tori was playing with Brooke and grabbed her around the shoulder and said, "You are my best friend!" Ahhhh! I will not explain what broke loose after that, (kicking and screaming, pulling hair), but it was a tender moment! Yesterday morning Tori was talking to Brooke in bed before their alarm went off and they were just blabbering to themselves, making conversation, mostly about how much Tori missed Auntie Lora and that Livy (their cousin) was going to visit them.
Tori constantly wants to hold Katelyn. It is pretty cute! We finally mastered a way that she can hold Katelyn all by herself.

We wrap the bobby around her and then drop the baby right onto her lap. Katelyn and Tori will sit like that on the couch together for about a half an hour. Tori loves to play this little piggy with Katelyn's "cute little toes". She also loves to hold her hands and play with her hair.

Princess Victoria and baby Katelyn.

Who can resist snuggling with Katelyn?! After she eats she stays awake for a while to explore the world around her. She is usually snatched up into someones loving arms and it is usually Grandma Frann! Katelyn smiles a ton and she has revealed to us that she has two dimples on her cute little cheeks! (I haven't caught these on film of course, but they could melt your heart!). Her hair is still as crazy as ever and I will have to remember to take a picture of her bouffant after she takes a bath! Her hair is a bit curly and wavy! I think that her eyes are going to be dark blue like her Auntie Marie. She looks an awful lot like her Auntie Lora... sometimes it is a bit uncanny.
Katelyn slept a whole 4 hours in a row last night! Hurray for sleep!!!! She is getting bigger and bigger...Last time we checked she was 7 pounds 6 ounces. I cannot believe that she is already 3 weeks old!

Brooke...well, she likes to give Katelyn kisses and give her "the rock". Brooke is still improving her clown act daily and is quite the one ring circus! In this picture her hair is plastered with a large amount of spaghetti goo!

We went out yesterday morning and took the girls to the duck pond. Brooke was a little skeptical at first and stayed in the car. She didn't like the hissing geese so much. Tori helped Grandma and Grandpa spread the bread love and by the end we coaxed Brookie out of the car! We are having a lot of fun with Grandma and Grandpa and I wish they could stay here forever! I now know why there are some cultures where all of their extended family lives under the same roof! My parents are amazing helps here and I can't believe that next week I will be flying solo!


Joy said...

Do your blogs have to stop!?! I just get into it and you are done. Of course I could read about them 24/7. I think they help me forget about real
Who knows, maybe Brooke is going to start a new hair product line. Tori is getting soooooo big and will be a great baby sitter someday. Kaitlyn...she can just lay there and entertain everyone.

♥♥♥♥Love you ALL♥♥♥♥♥ Aunt Joy

A Mormon Mommy said...

so cute!! Your daughters are adorable!!