Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Little Girls

Can you believe that this little face is 5 months old? Katelyn keeps getting bigger! She just recently started scooting herself back with her feet to get off her play mat (which she loves). It is hilarious. I will leave her in one spot and she is half way to another location in a few seconds. She still hasn't mastered rolling over yet from front to back (she has done it a few times by accident, but those don't count), but she is playing with her feet and can almost roll from her back to her front. She is doing things a little backwards! I just recently took out the swing and she thinks it is pretty cool, but she is already to tall for the first setting and I have to change it so she can actually jump and not just stand there and play with the toys. The booties are from an older sister in our ward. They are so cute and they actually stay on her feet because there is a tie on the ankle. Too bad they are just a little too small (she is busting out the toe)...Katelyn only wore them once.

Me and my girls. Tori and I were practicing taking pictures with my camera in different settings...thanks to a photography mutual night with the Mia Maids. The setting is made to take pictures with one person holding the camera. It turned out ok...except for the fact that I looked disheveled...maybe because it was Saturday and there is always so much to do?! I tried doing the one hand pictures with the baby...but it wasn't functioning. So Jason took the pictures for me, but put his hand in front of the flash in the pictures...oh well. I think Katelyn looks a lot like Liv in these photos!The picture with Brooke and I is from Sunday (hence the reason I look a little more presentable)...look at Brooke's BLUE eyes! She went to the doctor today for a well check and she is 35 1/2 inches tall (75%) and 27 pounds (40%). She is talking up a storm and is still a major comedian. She loves to sing and has a lot of Christmas, Nursery Rhyme and Primary songs memorized. She also can count to 10 and can say all of her ABC's and knows some of her letter sounds (which I attribute to the fact that she loves to watch "Super Why", "Sesame Street" and play on with her sister. Her favorite letter is "W" and her favorite numbers are "5" and "8" (she constantly points these out when we are in public). She loves chicken nuggets, Doritos (she is definitely like her father here), cheese, burrito meat with black beans and chocolate.

Here is little miss Katelyn in her cute little Sunday dress (except for the one on the bottom left...that is her outfit yesterday.). This one is a Katelyn original, meaning that she got this dress from someone just for her and it is not a hand- me- down. I LOVE it. The colors are just perfect for her. She is such a fun little baby! So I included the picture with Tori, because I think that Tori looks like a 3 year old going on 23! I also think that she looks a little like Oscar or maybe Livy in this picture!

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