Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The End of December...I know...I'm Behind!

Silly girls! One of Tori's favorite pastimes is having me take pictures of her while she is doing funny things! She also LOVES to get her picture taken with Katelyn. Oh, and there is Brooke, trying to still fit in the Bumbo!

Ode to Sesame Street. Tori brought the camera to me and said, "Mom, I want to do near and far like on Sesame Street." She then proceeded to position me with the camera and told me exactly when to snap her picture. The result: Near and on Sesame Street. Silly girl!

We had a birthday shout hurray! Jason turned the BIG 30! My husband has now made it to the thirties with me (I have already been here for 3 1/2 years...thought he should catch up with me!) Jason really isn't too big about hoopla when it comes to birthdays especially since his falls on New Years Eve. So we just had ice cream sundaes in our cool sundae cups. While I was taking the picture I realized that all 3 girls were wearing turquoise! Ha ha ha! One day they will all look at the camera at the same time (Katelyn was way too interested in the fire!)! Happy Birthday Babe!

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Lora said...

Uh...yeah...Katelyn looks a little too close to that candle, but I know that it is probably just the perspective of the picture. ;-) Do I need to call social services on you? ;-) The girlies look so cute in Turquoise. Jason looks a'ight too. :) Finally! Finally, the man is 30!!! Love you tons, and miss you. xoxo