Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 I have adopted 4 children (ok...not really, but if I could I would!) I had the chance to spend the day with 7 of the cutest kids in the universe on Friday and we had a blast! I could totally have 7 kids...if these were my 7 kids that is! The rules of 7 kids...planning...have things to do to keep the kids busy and have FUN! It is that simple (ok...after I was a little tired, but you will see that in the end, they were too and I just got to kick up my feet and read!)
Making Pizza Dough!
How do you feed 7 kids? Make pizza! How do you keep them busy? Have them make it themselves! (Ok...the littlelies Burke and Brooke didn't get in on the fun, I wasn't that adventurous, but I really wish I could clone the twins! I would LOVE two 8 year old helpers!!!) Natalie and Taylor measured and watched the yeast foam. (Check out the concentration of Nattie...she is the twin in the stripes... in the stirring picture! What focus!) When you look at them all in a row, all 3 of the Blues could be Tori's family...let's be honest!    
Waiting for the Dough to Rise!
What to do while the dough rises? 1. Have a dance party! 2. Dress up in silly costumes! 3. Snuggle with baby Katelyn! 4. Pose for the camera! 5. Color!

6. Play outside!

7. Make silly things out of play dough!

 Making Pizza!
Two hours later...we were ready to make the pizza! (There is a lot that you can do in 2 hours!!!) They had a blast making the pizzas! There was a lot of eating pepperoni and cheese before it was actually baked (Brooke even tried to eat her pizza raw!) and although I didn't get pictures of them eating it, it was devoured!
 Park Time!
I would have attempted this on my own, but luckily Grandpa Dinger wanted in on the fun! We took 6 of the kids (Baby K was at home sleeping in company of Grandma Gwen and Auntie Joy) to the school to play.We put the littlelies in the wagon and away we went!
We played hard for almost an hour and then the rain descended upon us! Could you not just pinch them all?! Burke is always shoeless and a monkey! On the way home we were sprinkled on the whole way...good thing it wasn't torrential, but it was adventurous!

Quiet Time!
When we got back, we were all tuckered out! We all curled up in blankets and watched Bambi 2. Alli came back 15 minutes into the movie, but luckily I shooed her away and I got to keep them (minus a tired Burkie) for another hour and a half! Alas...all things BLINGER eventually end...but we had a blast and I am glad that I am ridiculous and took a million photos of our fun escapade! Are you up for it tomorrow?! I am sure this will be a trend the whole summer!

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