Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June...Father's Day too!

Random pictures...yes! So the first one is just a picture of the fun that Brooke has when I am on the computer...she dislikes it when I leave the room to do things, so she comes to keep me company. While I am busy on the computer, our bookshelf ends up half empty with all of the books taken out of their jackets! Ha ha ha! What a funny girl! The pictures of Katelyn I thought were cute...they were taken after Tori put a crown (aka. headband) on her. She is getting so big! I cannot believe that she is 10 months old! She still isn't crawling, but she can go anywhere using her backwards scoot and roll and has added pushups to her repertoire. She does scoot forward a little too. It is so funny to watch her! As for the colored shirt...our YW did a value color run! It was awesome! If you want to see more pictures go here! We also had a really fun activity at our house last Wednesday called: THE Event. It was amazingly fun and pretty cheap. We did yard games themed to the Gospel is FUN, click here for pictures!
My roses after a rain storm!
A new sprinkler...gotta LOVE the summer in the backyard...maybe it might help with the dead grass. Brooke was a little annoyed that I made her wear a swimsuit, and was throwing a fit...hence the reason that she is not pictured. Do you see how it spouts the ball out in the middle! COOL!
We made this amazing tie for Daddy! I cut out felt circles and gave the girls some buttons and jewels. We had a blast making it. I had the glue gun and the girls showed me where to put the pieces. I think they did a fabulous job! I forgot to take a picture of Jason wearing the tie on Sunday...but these super cute models filled in!

These are the cards that they made. Upper left is the front of Tori's card. It is a picture of her and daddy, a rainbow, and a sunshine. Next to that is the inside of Tori's says I am so thankful for you. The bottom left is the back of Tori's card and it do so much for me. The middle bottom is Brooke's picture...she even picked out and glued Dad right in the middle of it! The bottom right is Brooke's inside...she went a little glue happy!
Later that day Tori drew these fabulous pictures. Left: Baby Tori and Daddy. Right: Mommy and Tori (Please note that I have one brown eye and one blue eye! She pointed this out to me.) She is getting so good at drawing that we bought her (and Brooke) a little journal that she can draw in like I did when I was little! Tender!
This little number was drawn in Primary on Father's day. It is a picture of Tori, Daddy and Mommy. I LOVE our little artist!

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