Monday, June 11, 2012

May Ends & Brings June!

One Sabbath afternoon we decided to go out and enjoy the Spring weather! It was gorgeous outside! This is Jason trying to get a picture with me and all three girls. First of all, Brooke would NOT get in a picture. So the first picture is of Brooke running away from the scene and Tori watching and Katelyn blinking (upper left). Lovely! The next picture is of a grimacing baby K and a not looking Tori (lower left). The next picture was a little more successful...(top right). And the last attempt was Jason trying his best to get all of the girls in the shot (lower right)...alas, Tori blinked and well, going down the slide. I don't even know why we tried...but hey, I look fabulous! :)
After the picture escapade we played outside for a little bit and enjoyed Spring! It was a beautiful day!
We blew some bubbles and tried to catch them.
It was Katelyn's first bubble escapade. She was really into it...but the wind was so crazy that the bubbles just couldn't get close enough for her to play with them all that much...but she giggled at her crazy sisters as they chased them all over the lawn!
Tori's modeling escapades are hilarious! She came to me one morning in this amazing get-up and said, "Mom, you need to take some pictures of me!" So we did!
Tori drew this magnificent picture of me and her...she even wrote our names at the top! I have the black hair with the rainbow dress and she is sporting the blue hair and the striped dress! LOVE it!
Well...Grandma and Grandpa Dinger along with Auntie Joy came for a visit...and all the pictures that I have of Auntie Joy and Grandma Gwen are these! You may say...well, where are they? Well, Gwen made Baby K this fabulous hat and that is her arm keeping her steady on the table! Auntie Joy colored this cute picture for the stinking cute. It is hanging on our refrigerator! We do have some pictures of Grandpa Dennis, but you will have to wait until the next blog post for that! Stay tuned!

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