Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Utah Trip...The Lora Photo Files

Temple Square
We decided to meet Lora and Jake at Temple Square for the day and boy was it BEAUTIFUL! The sun was shining and the sky had just a few clouds to make post card pictures! Gorgeous! We toured around the grounds and visited the North Visitor's Center where the Christus statue is. Tori was enamored! I LOVE these pictures!
Uncle Jake's Girls
The girls quickly fell in love with Uncle Jake (and Auntie Lora too...but she is not pictured because she is taking the pictures....see my pictures for proof that she was here!) Of course it doesn't hurt to bring delicious european chocolate hazelnut hippos! But baby K was enamored without the chocolate! My favorite part...4 adults 3 children! GREAT ratio!
Temple Flowers
The flowers on Temple Square during this time of year are AMAZING! Tori took full advantage of the fact that Auntie Lora had a camera and modeled away! She is such a poser! If you look closely enough you will see evidence of the chocolate hippo!
LOVE this little girl! Katelyn was a doll! She even fell asleep in her stroller right after these pictures were taken. She is the best baby ever!
City Creek Center Mall
Is this really a mall? It was truly awesome...if you go to Salt Lake you need to cross the street from Temple Square and check out this mall! It is all outdoors (it does have a retractable roof for snowy and rainy days)! We enjoyed all of the fountains and the creek that ran through the whole mall. There is some fun window shopping to be done too! We even enjoyed lunch at the Food Court!
Models in Heels and Hats
Need I say more...we took modeling to w whole other realm while hanging out at Debra's house...she is a natural! Over the shoulder, wind blown, leg up, product name it and this kid can do it...even in high heels and a hat!

I can't even walk in heels that high anymore! Brooke is a pro! Loved her in the fedora too! A Natural!

The mustache (left over from the bachelorette party) kills me! Uncle Jake joined in the fun too! I LOVE that picture of will go down in the annals of history now!
 Here Comes the Bride
The real reason for this trip...that beautiful bride named Rachie! I wish that we were able to get more pictures with her! Her reception was awesome...especially since we were able to hang out with all of our friends...the beautiful Debra (oreo unite...although it was April so it looks more like cream with creamer cookies...we are in need of some sun!), Michelle and Chris Belli, and the Dunns (duh!).     
 "The Hoop" hook with a "p"!
Sunday, we all gathered in Hooper...for a bonfire of course. I was the only brave one to beat the heat and roast some was dang HOT and we let the grill do the rest of the hard work! There is the famous Jake vs. the bird picture! Classic!
A little girl turned 4!
Brooke was really hard to photograph..she wouldn't sit still (or even comply for a flower shot at Temple Square) so we settled for Cheeto face at the party! What a nut!

Here is beautiful! Katelyn is gorgeous (all the time really, but in these photos especially! I need to get these photos and hang them in my house! ASAP! Thanks Lora for taking all of these AMAZING photos! I cannot wait until you are here! 17 days and counting!


Alli Blue said...

Fun times! We are totally going to check that mall out some time! Looked amazing!

And I just love Temple Square! What a great place to be!

Rachel Holtkamp said...

I wish I could have hung out with you more, too! I wish there were more pics of us together, but I was inside, and you guys were having fun outside. I was just trying to greet everyone my mom had invited. Good gosh, that was a lot of people.

Sooooo, if Austin and the boys and I head up to Idaho sometime soon, would that sound like fun?

Lesley said...

What a fun trip! Gorgeous pics. And I can't believe what a small world it is. Rachel and I grew up together in the same home ward! Amazing.