Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guess what? Auntie Marie was here!

Auntie Marie came on a big airplane from California and she had a really shiny big car and she has her own living room. (That interpreted from Tori talk means that Auntie Marie came to visit from California, had a humongous SUV rental and stayed in a motel while she vacationed with us here in good ol' Boise! Marie is a great Aunt and came prepared with lots of fun things to do...As pictured above...sweet rolls...YUM! I will twisted my arm (PS I need this recipe Marie!) Can you see why the girls LOVE Auntie Marie?! She is awesome and came to visit during our Garage Sale Extravaganza and even helped the girls with a lemonade/Sprinkle Treat stand). Then she let Jason and I go on a date and watched the kids for us! It was amazing! We saw The Avengers with our friends the Blues and the Shepherds! It was the BEST date and we cannot wait to do it again!

One afternooon Brooke decided to unroll a whole roll of tulle. We had a little fun playing with it...Tori took it seriously and went supermodel on us!

Friday afternoon I mowed the lawn while Auntie Marie played with the munchkins...she had the camera and I found these...I LOVE the one of Katelyn and Marie! So cute! And Brooke...high heels, tutu and an elf hat...just to mow the lawn! LOVE it!

Baby K, just turned 9 month old! Can you believe it?! She still is our scooter...not crawling yet, but picks up every minute crumb on our floor! We miss you Auntie Marie! Come back soon!

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Jessica Baird said...

I love your family! I love that you enjoy the basic things in life and make them memories. Lie playing with Tulle and mowing the lawn with kids in high heels! Love it!