Sunday, May 13, 2012

May Days and the Blue Dress

Tori...well, she is a character! She got the beautiful purple bear from the Blues for her birthday...she was quite attached. Her little friend Naomi came over and played...she had a lot of fun and we will hopefully have more play dates, summer is coming soon! And you are seeing right...that is her napping! It is a once a month occurrence and this time I got a picture! Dressing up, making silly faces, making mustaches out of any material (including yogurt...pictured above) and doing puzzles are among her favorite activities.

Brooke...the little DIVA...allowed me to take a few pictures of her this round. Amazing! Brooke did her first puzzle (24 pieces) with my help...she was quite proud of herself! I love the peach hat on reminds me of a flapper girl hat...she wouldn't let me get a good picture of her, but this is what I get when she is 2! All the rest of the pictures are her in the cutest outfit ever and me trying to get her to at least look at the camera and not move...not too successful!

ODE TO THE BLUE DRESS...Once upon a time Tori got the cutest little blue dress from Auntie Joy for Christmas. I was in LOVE! I love little girls in light blue! Anyway, it was passed down to little Brooke (which said dress made her eyes look electric blue). Now Baby K is old enough to wear it too! Can you guess who is who?! I will try and get a better picture of Katelyn in it in the future, but this is what you get for now!

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Synergy Girl said...

Your kids are too cute!!! LOVE!!!