Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sunny Days!

Sunny Days = Wagon Rides
Please note that I am putting the beautiful pictures first! We went to two wagon rides last ended with a pit stop at my friend Alli's house! Good thing she has a magnificent camera and a weakness for Baby K! YES! A free mini session of the little girl...I must say they are much better than the photos I took (HEY...I am no professional...just trying to keep a journal! judging!) THANKS Alli! You ROCK!
My pictures...well, blurry and not so exciting! But here we are getting ready for the ride! We had a LOT of fun exploring our neighborhood...who knew there were so many interesting things to see! We cannot wait to make this a morning ritual! Soon school will be out and we will go and play at the school! YES!
Sunny Days = Messing Around
The girls found the hats and gloves again and went to town! And Tori is showing off some kind of mustache...yogurt? I cannot remember!
 Sunny Days = Smoothies
Yummy! I made a pineapple smoothie...Tori devoured it...Brooke took a lick.
 Sunny Days = No Pants!
Baby K LOVES to roll around pantless (who can resist chubby baby legs?!) and the girls LOVE their play dresses...I still make them wear little pants underneath because no one likes to see diapers or undies! Baby K sure does get around! She even rolls over the metal bars under her jump-a-roo and hides out! Brooke...well, she is the winged rainbow elf princess.

 Sunny Days = Big Girl Baths!
Baby K's first bath without her little seat. There was a lot of splashing and moving! Hence, none of the pictures were in focus...I refused to use the flash! When all 3 girls are in the tub, Baby K is definitely the darkest...there may be hope for a little brownie!

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Alli Blue said...

So stanking cute!!! I love a little pantless roll around the house! I see nothing wrong about it!

And smoothies?? How have I missed that day??????

Thanks for all you do for us!!! You are a dear lifesaver!!!