Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Visitors

When my sister visits, I feel that weird? I don't think so! Jason always sees how long it takes Lora to get me giggling so silly that I cannot breath (which it didn't take that long). Life is just so much better when Oscar, Livy, Jake and Lora are around, although such close quarters for 9 people (especially when more than half are kids!) isn't a recommendation, but we endure it because the amazing fun that comes out of it!!!! We wait in deep anticipation until they arrive and when they leave I am in a funk for days because I miss them so much! But there is sunshine on the horizon...current events are making my future much brighter...vague? Yes! But not my news to share!
Mind you, these are not the only pictures...Lora, the photographer, took the amazing ones and will be featured on a later blog!
Sisters or Cousins?
Livy and Tori have a relationship like Lora and I when we were is hard to share when you are so little, but they love each is fun to see Brookie getting in on the action too. Livy was sweet with both of them (although there were some serious throw downs...and some serious attitudes from all of the above mentioned girls), I am so glad that they are developing friendships. We welcomed Chocolate Chip Brownie (the little horse) into our home a few weeks ago. She was given to us by one of our neighbors and Livers and Tori were on that thing non stop one afternoon. It was even a hotter item than Liv's pink Barbie Corvette! And who doesn't love PJs (or in Brooke's case a dress and heels) and morning of phone games. The girls loved watching Livy and Oscar play video games.
 Case of the Stolen Camera
Oscar, Livy and Tori all had their hand in these lovely masterpieces (taken from a stolen camera several times during the week)! It is always fun to see what captivates their mind. Oscar wanted to take (and did...all pictures are not showcased) about a million (mostly blurry) pictures of Katelyn. Livy wanted to take pictures of people, herself and our backyard. Tori took pictures of Livy and Oscar. FUN!
Although Brooke was still a little scared of the pool at the time, that did not leave Tori and Liv dry! It was really warm when the Olesens came, so we visited Settler's water park and had fun in the backyard pool. Could they be any cuter?!
Community Oven Pizza
This is one of our all time favorites (a bit of Olesen Dinger tradition), a visit to Community Oven Pizza. We cannot resist as close to authentic Italian pizza as we (Jake and I) have found in the USA? NOT me! The girls love it because they get to make their own pizza and watch them bake right in front of them...this time Oscar enjoyed a huge bowl full of pasta...and we, as adults, love stuffing our faces full of the best pizza around (not to mention we had some tasty appetizers too!)!!! Plus they serve you delicious, fresh from the oven, chocolate chip cookies (well, the kids get them with their meal, and the adults "share" delicious morsels snuck from their unsuspecting children)....yummy!
We enjoyed our time together (our favorite time was at about 8:30 each night when all the kids were tucked in...and we got to hang out, just the adults, and play games or talk). I cannot wait to see them all again, which this time it will not be as long of a wait (insert an exuberant burst of excitement here!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is to come? The water park, the zoo, and other fabulous happenings during our lovely visit! Miss you Olesens! See you soon!!!

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