Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Shenanigans

Goodness gracious my hydrangeas have blooms...periwinkle beauties, popped up and this year I took advantage of the amazingness!
On to the shenanigans...I found these two beauties with their play dresses on in the pool! WHAT?! It was pretty hilarious, especially since Brooke is really not all that fond of water on her face. Instead of getting mad I decided to document their silliness.
On the first day of July we took some pictures of the girls in their dresses...we were outside enjoying our shade and I began to click...Tori of course went all model on me...she is silly. Please notice the blue toes...she LOVES her toes painted!
I only got one picture of Brooke before she was off gallivanting in the yard...but I did catch a picture of her first painted toes...she finally sat long enough for them to dry...she chose pink with sparkles. She always has her princess heels on!

Baby K....a doll...need I say more? Look at her cute little piggies...she had a lot of fun playing in the grass and I had a lot of fun trying to make sure she didn't eat it...well, too much of it anyway! check out those LONG lashes!


A Mormon Mommy said...

your girls are dolls! I love that baby K looks so much like you!!!

jocie said...

Baby K's piggies are so cute!