Thursday, July 19, 2012

The 4th of July...A Dinger & Baird Family Extravaganza!

The Fourth of July is amazing in Meridian! Our ward has a magnificent breakfast with made to order omelets and pancakes. The girls LOVE a good breakfast...I LOVE that I didn't have to make it! Little Livy wore the dress that Katelyn wore this year...mind you it was a little big, but I cinched it as much as I was too cute to miss out on!
This year we had the Bairds join us for our Fourth festivities.  There was a pool party for all the girls. Can you believe that there were 5 little girls in our pool! It was so fun! Caroline and Megan showed us how to line up the little trampoline for some jumping in the pool. Can you tell that they were having fun?!
Although Katelyn didn't get in on the water fun, she thoroughly enjoyed the antics of the other girlies! There was also lemonade to enjoy and shade to beat the heat! I just want to eat little Sarah up...she is only a few days younger than Brooke.
Jason was the BBQ master...we had some delicious grub...who doesn't like a little good ol' American food?! We had kabobs, hotdogs, a pasta salad, fruit salad and veggies with dip. Yummo. We ate in the shade and I took a few pictures of the only little man, so outnumbered by the little girls! I caught a shot of cute little Megan on the swing...isn't she a doll too?! That is Jessica up in the corner with the little man...and there is even one of me!
What is a BBQ without a little bit of pink, tutus, leis and modeling?!
While we waited for it to get dark the adults played games and the kids ran around having a blast and watched shows. Katelyn went to sleep and we went out at about 8:30 to check out the scene. We took the kiddos out to throw the poppers. I bought them each a box. Our neighbors provided the pyrotechnics this year. Our neighbor TJ (a teenage boy...need I say more?) spent his life savings on a huge display of legal fireworks and then our neighbor Sean (crazy pyro and teenage boy at heart) supplied us with the less legal ones.

All the girls lined up on the curb...including some little girls we collected from neighbors...and we watched the pre-show of fireworks that we didn't use last year. They were pretty lame, but the kids thought that they were pretty cool.
Then we all sat on the curb to enjoy the rest of the show. Check out TJ's collection! Brooke wasn't a bit scared this year, and she clapped after each one was shot off...Tori on the other hand did fine with all the legal stuff, but got a little nervous as the night went on and the illegal stuff boomed. Do you see her face!? Classic! Look...I got a picture of Sam too! Oh, and there is a picture of Jason and I too!
The Bairds left at about 9:30 and suprisingly, the girls did great and wanted to stay up to watch. As the night went on the legality of the fireworks waned...and we slowly creeped up the driveway and ended up watching from the car where Tori felt it was a safe distance from such shenanigans.  We had a BLAST (pun intended) this fourth and we were glad to spend it with good friends! Next year I will remember to blog this sooner so that I can remember more details!

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