Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Train, Automobiles, Zoo, and Swimming Pool FUN!

 The summer is escaping me little by little! I need to blog about 300 pictures...but I haven't gotten to it yet. So here is my go at some of the pictures dumped from camera number 1 (I am writing this as Tori brushed my hair and puts hair pretties in my black tresses.) To the pictures! These are photographs from the first Sunday of Grandma and Grandpa Dinger's visit (they came to take care of the munchkins while I went to Girls Camp for 2 1/2 days...I will write about this grand time later). Grandpa, Daddy, Tori and Brooke took the 3 digit degree weather by the horns and visited the Union Pacific Streamliner at the Boise Train Depot (otherwise known as The Tower to Tori and Brooke). The Union Pacific is 150 years old this year! If you can, make these pictures bigger, Tori is pulling the funniest faces! Hilarious!

MAIN STREET CRUISE...our city hosts a street cruise (aka a car parade) each year featuring old cars. Well, we decided to take a look this year. We placed chairs and a blanket early in the afternoon and got a good spot. Check out all of these fabulous cars that we saw! Do you spot Mater?

The girls had a blast watching the cars and having snacks. They insisted on wearing their pink ballerina outfits. Here is Tori's spread!

Why does every picture of Brooke have her grinning with orange fingers and an orange mouth? I think she LOVES cheetos! She waved at every car that went by and the people in the cars thought that they were so stinking cute...we even got a few to honk their horns!

Well...we went with Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Marie (who we forgot to take a picture of!) and even though we checked the weather right before we left (there was a 50% chance of rain at 8 PM) we decided to still take our chances! Well, right at 8:03PM there was a DOWNPOUR...I mean HUGE drops of rain that decided to water our parched little city. We parked about 3 blocks away and had to run to the car. We only had one umbrella and we got drenched. But, there was a rainbow, so it was all worth it, right?!

OLE! Auntie Marie bought this dress for Tori when she was little, but it never fit her or Brooke at the right time, so it was only fitting that the brownest one of the group should sport the little Mexican dress! Do you see her little faces? Katelyn is so hilarious!

Zoo Boise...We took a little jaunt over to the zoo with everyone in tow. We had a picnic lunch and monkeyed around! Do you see how that monkey is sleeping?

We rode the made me a bit sick. The girls LOVED it!

We visited all the animals (the Penguin and Indian Sun Bear are pictured). They just redid the Sun Bear is very fun and colorful. Do you see him basking in the sun? Tori and her posing...gotta love it!

BUTTERFLIES!! We love the butterfly exhibit. One landed on everyone of us. Katelyn tried to eat them. One even escaped on the pant leg of Gwen. The girls did a jig while I was changing Katelyn's diaper. Silly little girls.

On Auntie Marie's last day the Blues came over and hung out. Pool Party! It is such a joy to have the Blues over and with Auntie Marie it was an extra treat! Dance party in the pool? Why, yes! The kids all danced with Auntie Marie in the pool while I ate bon bons in the shade with baby Katelyn! ;) Well, we had a fabulous time with Auntie Marie...Could you just move here already?!

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oh my goodness! My family would love to do all of that...especially the train part!!