Monday, August 20, 2012

A Visit to the Land Bountiful

We ventured to the Land of Bountiful, Utah to visit Auntie Lora, Uncle Jake, Oscar, Livy, Grandma Frann, and Debra! (We also got to see the Dingers and Auntie Joy! Love that everyone is in one place!) We loaded the car and we were off! I sat in the backseat with little miss Brooke so that I could control the back seat. To our chagrin (miracle number one that it was only about 15 minutes to the Olesen house), Brooke decided to demonstrate her car sickness! No more back seat driving for her! Oh, by the way, she didn't pee in the seat at all! Kudos...although we had to stop a lot more frequently and she refused to pee on the side of the road!

The new Olesen abode is as amazing as the pictures that we viewed before they even set foot in the doors and fell in love! It is so them! Although I didn't get too many pictures of the actual house, you will just have to wait and I will try and remember to get some the next time we visit! I am so glad that they moved closer, because a 5 hour drive is nothing! We spent a fun filled weekend hanging out at the local eateries (we had Cafe Rio, Nielson's Frozen Custard and Chik-Fil-A). We also were blessed with some of Jake's amazing cooking...we had barbeque from some kind of weird egg contraption (Dennis and Gwen came over and we "celebrated" my birthday again)...we also used up most of the produce that the Dingers brought fresh from their garden and had homemade roasted vegetable sauce, roasted beet cakes, and zucchini fritata! Yummy! He even made us biscuits, pancakes, eggs and bacon for a breakfast! We all had fun exploring their new house and hanging out. Livy and Tori were inseparable...not too many fights this time (except over a said play cheerleader dress...let's just not talk about that!) and Brooke joined in the fun if she came downstairs from the magical play room that took up most of her visit! Baby K roamed around with Oscar as a shadow. He LOVES baby Katelyn and was always trying to play with her and keep her happy.

Baby K with Auntie and Uncle...yes...this trip I got a picture of everyone...well, except prepared...Debra, you will be accosted!

Some of these pictures were taken by Oscar...he really wanted to take my camera and photograph everything...he got shots of Uncle Jason cleaning the dishes...and about a million of the trees that surround their house. Don't you love the karate pictures of Jason and Oscar?! Jason pretended to be his sensei all weekend long. It got him to do a lot of things! I LOVE that picture of Tori and my mom! So cute! It was fun to see Grandma Frann because it had been almost a year since we last saw her (way too long!!)! The girls crafted with her and got to know Grandma Frann a little better while we visited.

Do you see the Baby K love in this house? Oscar LOVES her! We ate all kinds of yummy goodness...Katelyn loved the watermelon that Auntie Lora was feeding her and she even picked up a Dinger fresh squash and ate that too! Ha ha (SICK)! Alas...all marvelous weekends do end and we had to say goodbye! But it wasn't sad because we will be there again in just a few short days!

On our way home we stopped by the Dinger Ranch and filled up on some more fresh produce! We enjoyed a fresh from the vine cantaloupe...Baby K and I practically ate the whole thing! Auntie Joy also taught her how to whistle (or at least form her mouth like she was is fun to watch her imitate things that we do!) Are you jealous that we brought home this marvelous load of veggies! YUMMY!

The girls helped Grandma frost the brownies that they had waiting for us fresh from the oven. The girls even got an injection of chocolate for good measure! Tori took the cute picture of Grandma and Auntie Joy!

With tummies full of brownie and a sugar high...we set off back home with a bit of depression in our hearts! We hope that one blessed day we will end up back in good ol' Utah with our beloved ones...if that is where we belong. On the way back home my backseat companion was this cutie! She is getting so big and will be one in just a few short days! Oh how time flies!

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Rachel Holtkamp said...

I am so sad I missed you while you were here, and that we'll be gone the next time you're here! :( But, one day, I'll see you...