Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby K!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY KATELYN!!! Can you believe this cutie is the Birthday Girl! Holy moly that year went by fast!

We are loving all of the cute little changes that have been happening lately...she has learned how to crawl (finally!), can pull up on to things (she started doing this before she started crawling! ha ha ha!), and can walk holding our fingers or pushing things. Good thing she is mobile, because she loves to be wherever we are...even in the bathroom! She loves to interact her sisters and plays hide and seek. She LOVES to read! She pulls out all of the books from our shelves, opens them, points at things, and says "that". She watches her sisters and learns things so quickly. She imitates a lot of things and has just started saying more than "dad", "mom" and sounds. She waves and says "Uhht" for "What?", "I" for hi and bye, she says "ah duh" when I say all done after her meals, she tries to say "peek a boo" and it sounds something like "pee uh buh" while she slaps both her hands on her face, and she also claps and says "A" for yeah!  She likes to sing along with music in her own little way and dances to it too! She likes to play in the water, cuddle, and well, she is basically the best 3rd baby a mom could wish for!

She is a DOLL! The girls LOVE to dress her...the tie dye and floofy skirt is their favorite outfit for her, so the minute it is washed, it is on her! LOVE the hat (she doesn't!)! Her hair is a little scrazy right now...not long enough for too much, but I swear it has been growing like weeds lately. She always seems to get food in her hair at lunch and it turns into a ridiculous "bed head" state!

She has tried all kinds of different food and is quite fond of grapes, spaghetti, puffies, anything with rice or pasta, yogurt (in all forms), ice cream, chocolate...well, basically everything that we put in front of her she will eat! This is her eating her first chocolate chip M&M cookie!

As for her sisters...well, no wonder Katelyn is absolutely is in her genes! The picture of Brooke was taken a few seconds ago while I was typing! She is so funny! She wanted to sit on my lap, but that never works out! The picture of Tori in the bathtub is from this morning...she has a bubble beard. Well...we are going to Olive Garden to celebrate...and the girls and I will make Katelyn some cupcakes should be a fun day!

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Jessica Baird said...

Yea for 1st birthdays! Baby K is so cute! She is definitely the perfect 3rd baby. By the time you have 2 you kind of deserve a break on 3...or maybe after 2 girls you've got the whole girl thing down that makes #3 that much easier....? Either way it works great!