Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer...H2O, Bathing Cuties, Up Doos, Friends & More Craziness

What is summer without a little H2O? We have been using our little $19 pool summer...well worth the bucks! Baby K even got in on the action a few times. Baby K LOVED that the water was warm. Tori and Brooke got a kick out of pushing her around in the water.

Baby K...I couldn't stop taking pictures of her!

On the sidelines...we watched her sisters play in the pool while we enjoyed the shade and the grass. Brooke...check out that smile!

I have this documented. Tori asked me to put her hair all up! This is what I did! Do you see her posing like she is a professional? My favorite..."Mom, can you take a picture of me on Chocolate Chip Brownie (the horse)? Princesses ride horses." Still growing out Brooke's bangs and trying to get her to look at the camera.

This one will fall under the category of silliness. Tori...loves to draw. These are a few of her latest masterpieces. The red one is of Rapunzel on her tower. You can read the other one...TENDER! Brooke...loves to dress up and is constantly in costume. Baby K is now standing up with support and recently tried steamed broccoli...she didn't think it was too bad either!

Can we have a blog from our summer without the Blues making an appearance?! I think NOT! One beautiful day we decided to have a pool party...and we did just that! Aren't they a cute bunch of kids?! Taylor tried to teach Tori how to swim and was the queen of the grass and bug sieve. Nattie led the kids in a rousing game of ring around the rosie complete with major splashing!

I love myself a little Blue time! Natalie and Taylor help me out so much that it is actually much easier to have 7 kids! I think I am kidding, but I am not...even a bit. I have asked all summer to adopt them, but to no avail...go figure, their parents want them too (maybe because they are such a delight!)!

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emH said...

What a fun explosion of pink.