Monday, October 26, 2009

2 weeks and counting!

Climbing on the center table...what a little monkey!
I can't wait until there is single digits until Brooke is here. I have to tell you that I had a strange dream that I went in to have the C-section and we had a boy instead of a girl and I threw a hissy fit! I told them that they said I was having a girl and that I wanted a girl or a refund! Ha ha ha! I have to tell you that I am really tired of being pregnant! hasn't been all that exciting lately. I thought that I was having contractions last Wednesday, but no such luck. I think that she was just dropping, but I had contractions for about 2 hours, not enough to get me to the hospital, but enough to get my hospital bag all ready. Tori was a month and a day early, so I didn't have a bag packed or the room ready. So this time we are a little bit more on top of things.
Tori just keeps on getting bigger. She turned the magic 18 months on Saturday and she went to Nursery the first time on Sunday. There are a lot of kids in her class and she was a little bewildered when we went in the classroom (there was a lot of crying), but she found herself a nice lizard and a green ball to play with and she was happy. I left when she was preoccupied. I didn't go in to check on her (that would have just caused a tantrum) but I jumped a little every time the door opened in Sunday School and Relief Society wondering if they were coming to get me. Jason said he peeked in (what a weakling! ha ha ha) and he said that she was having fun. Our nursery is split so all of the 2-3 year olds are in a different room. I think that makes it easier.
Here are a few pictures of Miss Tori...enjoy!

One day I brought the camera into the my bedroom. Immediately Tori came over and gave me "the hand" no pictures here mom! and then crawled under the bed. :)

Here is an ok picture of me and Tori...I put the camera on timer and caught this picture.

I have told you about Tori's monkey habits that slowly get more dangerous everyday. She loves to climb on things and she has figured out that if she moves her little chair to the center table she can climb up and dance. These are pictures of her trying to get off.

Dancing and singing to her favorite CD "Sesame Street's Greatest Hits". Enjoying a snack of cheddar chickadees. (like the fountain on her head. It was a pony tail until she took a nap!)

These were taken today. Notice the drool on her shirt. That is another new trick...she drinks out of her sippy and lets the last sip of milk dribble down her shirt!


Lora said...

She is so cute. The kids are looking at this post with me and Oscar just said: "She really is the cutest!" I will have to agree with him there. Love you tons. I am really missing you today, and I am so sad that I won't be there right when Brooke makes her first appearance. I love you tons!

Sawyers Family said...

She is totally a doll! I can't wait to see what Brooke looks like either! I think you need to post a picture of your belly, so we can all see what you look like pregnant! Since I haven't EVER seen what you look like and you HAVE seen what I look like!

Jessica said...

I hope that baby comes soon just for your sake! Tori has the longest hair now!! She looks so cute! Can't wait til you have this baby and that I get to see pictures of her!! : D

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad Tori went to nursery! What a relief for you. Emily freaks out if Cory and I leave her alone in nursery, so for now one of us is a constant wallflower in the nursery room and it's annoying. There must be something to all those Idaho folk! :)