Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Conference with a silly little girl!

Tori has been growing up so much in the past few weeks! It is so fun to see her cute little attitude and sweet spirit shine through. She is such a fun and very good little girl!
We watched conference this weekend with Jason's parents. It was fun to watch Tori's reaction to 8 hours of church (during the hours when she usually watches Sesame Street!). But as always she was a gem and made conference that much more fun. Here are some of the fun things she did:
~She is now starting to fold her arms and bowing her head during prayers, but when prayers are too long (more than 5 seconds) she gets a little disinterested and starts to wander or dance!
~Anytime the organ started to play she would drop what she was doing and start to lead the music. After a while the leading would then turn into dancing which would inevitably turn into twirling or jumping! She is quite the dancer! Sometimes she would even add her own singing on the long sustained notes. It made us all giggle.
~It was fun to cuddle together under blankets with her snugly footie pajamas. She still puts her two hands behind her head when she is watching TV.
~one time we were all intently listening to the speaker when we see Tori's high chair slowly creeping from the dining room to the living room. Tori pushed it all the way to Grandpa and thought she was pretty funny. She was all grins and very proud of herself.
Tori is so FUN!
More things Tori is up to:
~she loves to sing "Row, row, row your boat" and will frequently ask for it to be sung to her by saying "row, row, row".
~she can do all of the movements for the "Itsy bitsy spider"
~she can make herself quite dizzy dancing to "Ring around the rosie" and sometimes she falls down when she is supposed to in the song, but I think she likes to be dizzy more.
~she just learned to walk on her tip toes and thinks that is pretty funny.
~she learned how to "skip" from grandpa Dinger. Mind you it is not perfect and is mostly a combination of tip toe and jumping, but it is hilarious to watch! (It was also quite funny to see Dennis skip around our living room too!)
~Tori also likes to dump all of her books out (one at a time) onto the floor and then stick the little book holder on her head and walk around the room like she can't see.
I came in from using the "facilities" to find Tori had turned her little shopping cart over and climbed in. She was totally stuck. Note the necklace that she has dangled around her neck!

Notice all of her accessories! 3 necklaces and 2 bracelets! What bling.

I found you! I caught her with my phone! Ha ha ha! She always hides in the corner of the dining room with her finds! She is giggling...notice the one sock on one sock off!


Sawyers Family said...

So my kids walk on their tiptoes, too. But they walk on them ALL THE TIME! It's so crazy to watch and we wonder why they do it. Maylee even runs on her's!
Kids are too fun and Tori is growing up fast!
When are you scheduled to have this new baby?

Marc and Kim Wheeler said...

She is growing so fast! I love her hair and how it is getting long. We miss you guys. I am excited for your new addition soon. Hope it all goes well.

Kyle and Lesley said...

I can't believe how much older she looks. Super cute pictures!