Saturday, October 31, 2009


We took Tori to her first Trunk or Treat that our ward threw yesterday. She looked so cute in her little Forest Fairy outfit (Livy's last costume) and had a ton of fun getting candy. She would even take a piece of candy out of the bowl and put it inside her Elmo! She got really excited when she got a roll of Smarties and looked at me and said "Um" which means some and so of course I had to give her some.

I dressed up as a pregnant native american. :) That is about as good as you get. Our little forest fairy enjoying the leaves and if you look closely you will see that her cheeks are stuffed with smarties and she has one in her little fingers!

With Smartie in hand, trick-or-treating. Tori enjoying the sugar high!


Tori with Dad...licking her fingers for a little bit more Smartie dust! And with me.

Monday for Family Home Evening we carved pumpkins. Jason made a traditional one, I made a cat and Jason made a Mickey for Tori. I thought they turned out pretty cool!

This is my stomach compared to Tori's pumpkin! :) Ha ha ha! I went to the doctor's yesterday and told him that I am starting to go crazy (I am constantly making sure that the baby is moving and when the poor girl is asleep I will make her move for me). I told him that I would really like to have a Non Stress Test and see what the umbilical cord was doing. Of course I was crying and he reassured me that everything was ok and that he would take the baby earlier if it would make me feel better (I assured him that my craziness wasn't that debilitating and that I could wait a week and a half). But I am having Non Stress Tests now. She is a girl for sure and I know that she has hair. She looks so huge in the ultrasound now! I got to see all of her parts and her cute face. Her cord is just fine. After the test tori and I waited for about and hour so that I would get a Swine Flu Vaccine.

Ok... I know this picture has nothing to do with Halloween, but Tori loved bubbles so much that I bought her some bubble bath. She thought it was cool for 5 seconds (hence the cute picture), but then she threw a fit and wanted out of the bubbles! It was hilarious!


Jessica said...

She's so cute as a fairy!!! And so are you! Just think only 1 wk (and 2 days) left. I hate the end. Seems like it goes FOREVER. I'm so happy to hear your baby is safe and all is well. I love how you can see her hair too. They told us with Charlotte during a non stress test that she had hair too. We were shocked. But I can't wait to see pictures of her!!

Marc and Kim Wheeler said...

Oh how cute! I love Halloween just cuz of all the cute toddler outfits! I am excited for you guys and the new addition coming really soon! Hope it all goes well.

Seattle Williams said...

Love all the pictures! You guys are so dang cute! Love the pumpkins!

Sawyers Family said...

I am glad you took a stand with the doctor and that little Brooke is doing well!
I can't believe how much Tori looks like her daddy, maybe Brooke will look like her mamma!
Hope the next week FLIES!