Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I blame it on a cold!

The star of the show! I haven't posted in a long time again. Sorry! I promise I will get better! Well, Tori and I have just been hanging around the house. We just got over colds about 2 weeks ago and then suddenly I got another cold. (I prayed everyday that Jason and Tori wouldn't get it and so far so good.) I think it is just one of those change of the weather colds but add the fact that I am going to have a baby in a little less than a month and my lung capacity is shrinking along with my bladder and sleep and you get a doosie of a cold! Tori was a good sport (I admit one day we watched 4 hours of PBS while I rested on the gotta do what you gotta do) but I am sure Tori didn't mind. She kept coming to me on the couch and poking my eyeballs (they were closed) and then she would giggle.
Anyway, I still want this baby to come tomorrow...I am getting very uncomfortable and I just keep on thinking that Tori was this early so why not Brooke too?! I will not explain all of my woes, but I have a feeling that I do have sympathy from all of my motherly friends! ;)
I have tried to get pictures of Tori, but she is horrible to catch on film lately. Yesterday I found out that it is mostly my fault. She never runs to the camera when Jason is holding we are going to give Jason the role as official photographer from now on!
We bought Tori some winter clothes (we usually don't have to buy clothes thanks to little Livy and her exstensive wardrobe that we inherit, but she lives in San Francisco and her short sleeve shirts and lack of fleece pajamas were not enough this time). We broke down and went to Carter's outlet (I had a coupon for 20% off) and bought 5 fleece Pjs and 6 shirts for $73!!! I love Carter clothes because I know they will last at least through 2 kids! Wahoo! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!
This is one of Livy's old dresses. Tori looked adorable in it...she went to church with just daddy this day. If you look closely you can see Tori's bed head pigtails from an afternoon nap! :)
One of Tori's favorite past times is climbing the fireplace and raising her hands over her head like she is the winner. We always say "Look! Tori is the tallest one!" and she giggles really hard. (That is one of her new shirts...and she is sporting a pair of khakis from Tiff's niece Charlie.)
Our little character!
She has just started to kiss the cat. Amazingly Cami allows these open mouth spit riddled kisses on her face. It is quite funny. Tori loves her cat! Here she is stuck again in her shopping cart in her new fleece froggie pjs.


Katie said...

when are you due? i hope time passes quickly, but enjoy the freedom in the meanwhile!

Lora said...

I miss my baby Too. She is so cute. I love that picture of her with the big open mouth! It is so Tori! Always happy. I miss her.....lots, and you too! That first picture of her is killer cute, she looks so grown up. Love you.

Jessica said...

What a character!!! She's getting to be SO BIG!!! Tell her to stop!!

Tiffany said...

I swear she is going off to college any day now. We are missing her whole life. Sad day :(. Super cute pictures though. We miss you guys!